Illinois, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amanda  Mar 1854Illinois, United States I15598
2 Anna M.  May 1865Illinois, United States I13747
3 Atsie  1892Illinois, United States I8098
4 Carrie Charlotte  1879Illinois, United States I10670
5 Clara C  1902Illinois, United States I2837
6 Edna M.  1874Illinois, United States I13721
7 Ella  1853Illinois, United States I1732
8 Francis L  Abt 1907Illinois, United States I3974
9 Laura  Oct 1861Illinois, United States I12859
10 Lennie  Jan 1875Illinois, United States I12299
11 Martha  Jul 1821Illinois, United States I903
12 Mary  Apr 1845Illinois, United States I4971
13 Mary E.  Mar 1845Illinois, United States I17145
14 Minnie  Abt 1868Illinois, United States I3971
15 Myrtle Azalia  Abt 1888Illinois, United States I18284
16 Susan  Mar 1835Illinois, United States I7206
17 Allen, Henry  Illinois, United States I10952
18 Armstrong, Mildred Alice  1909Illinois, United States I20147
19 Baird, Adam Q.  Jan 1836Illinois, United States I10941
20 Baird, Clinton F.  1867Illinois, United States I10943
21 Baird, Edward L.  Dec 1885Illinois, United States I10950
22 Baird, George B.  Nov 1880Illinois, United States I10948
23 Baird, Harry  Jan 1879Illinois, United States I10947
24 Baird, Hugar W.  1877Illinois, United States I10945
25 Baird, John W.  1869Illinois, United States I10944
26 Baird, Mary E.  Apr 1884Illinois, United States I10949
27 Bennett, May  Abt 1863Illinois, United States I19117
28 Blakeney, Mary T  Abt 1851Illinois, United States I847
29 Blakeney, Nancy J  Dec 1845Illinois, United States I4564
30 Blakeney, Sarah F  Abt 1848Illinois, United States I836
31 Brockus, Mary E  Abt 1872Illinois, United States I14396
32 Case, William W  Oct 1866Illinois, United States I7191
33 Chrisman, Andrew  1860Illinois, United States I12699
34 Chrisman, Charles  Aug 1869Illinois, United States I613
35 Chrisman, Eliza A.  1858Illinois, United States I7901
36 Chrisman, Elizabeth  1859Illinois, United States I12702
37 Chrisman, James  Dec 1858Illinois, United States I12843
38 Chrisman, John L.  1865Illinois, United States I19834
39 Chrisman, Lucinda  1862Illinois, United States I19829
40 Chrisman, Mary  1862Illinois, United States I12701
41 Chrisman, Mildred  1877Illinois, United States I8006
42 Chrisman, Robert  1867Illinois, United States I19835
43 Chrisman, William Alexander  Dec 1865Illinois, United States I12842
44 Christman, Alexander  1865Illinois, United States I12217
45 Christman, Amanda Jane  1868Illinois, United States I10030
46 Christman, Julia Ann  1862Illinois, United States I3628
47 Christman, William  1875Illinois, United States I6336
48 Coffey, Francis A  1854Illinois, United States I3153
49 Cole, Leo  Abt 1893Illinois, United States I2686
50 Courtwright, Olive Alvira  Feb 1862Illinois, United States I8244

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Gregory, James R  Illinois, United States I11689
2 Hazelrigg, Millie Ann  24 Jan 1894Illinois, United States I11884
3 Hueston, Frank Edward  Mar 1974Illinois, United States I12719
4 Jones, Sarah E  Illinois, United States I1359
5 Keel, Margaret  19 Nov 1855Illinois, United States I8377
6 Lanterman, John  Illinois, United States I13049
7 Pearce, Elizabeth  Illinois, United States I1268
8 Shuman, Clifford L.  Dec 1968Illinois, United States I2483
9 Wright, Dorthadine  21 Sep 2002Illinois, United States I2454


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Fitzjarrell, Eli  Illinois, United States I3944


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Boling / Kelsay  Illinois, United States F1652
2 Wallace /   Aft 1870Illinois, United States F4154