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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anna A.  1867Indiana, United States I18933
2 Barbra  Abt 1845Indiana, United States I3665
3 Catherine  Nov 1872Indiana, United States I5720
4 Cynthia  1826Indiana, United States I921
5 Cynthia  Sep 1856Indiana, United States I7121
6 Delila  Aug 1844Indiana, United States I17908
7 Desdemona  1817Indiana, United States I2381
8 Ellen  1891Indiana, United States I5497
9 Freda  Abt 1849Indiana, United States I17573
10 Gertrude  1903Indiana, United States I1977
11 Harriet  Indiana, United States I2650
12 Ida B  May 1871Indiana, United States I10268
13 Jenetta  Abt 1833Indiana, United States I11519
14 Jennie  Abt 1858Indiana, United States I7534
15 Jessie O.  19 Jun 1889Indiana, United States I13742
16 Julia  1850Indiana, United States I330
17 Laura N.  Jan 1870Indiana, United States I15775
18 Lorena  Abt 1903Indiana, United States I5808
19 Louisa C.  Jan 1850Indiana, United States I13585
20 Malinda  1847Indiana, United States I16702
21 Margaret  1824Indiana, United States I10972
22 Margaret  1832Indiana, United States I609
23 Margaret  Abt 1897Indiana, United States I18056
24 Martha  Indiana, United States I20015
25 Martha  Nov 1859Indiana, United States I7570
26 Mary  Indiana, United States I2109
27 Mary  Jun 1857Indiana, United States I17213
28 Mary Ann  1824Indiana, United States I19118
29 Mary C  Feb 1850Indiana, United States I2458
30 Mary E  Abt 1873Indiana, United States I7263
31 Mary F  Oct 1881Indiana, United States I7953
32 Mary J.  1835Indiana, United States I10437
33 Mary L  Abt 1853Indiana, United States I14363
34 Merlie  1888Indiana, United States I16477
35 Nancy  Abt 1837Indiana, United States I14320
36 Nancy Elizabeth  1841Indiana, United States I19810
37 Nancy J.  1860Indiana, United States I9656
38 Nettie  May 1855Indiana, United States I10404
39 Nora W  Mar 1866Indiana, United States I1660
40 Pearl G.  Oct 1875Indiana, United States I16873
41 Pearl M.  1882Indiana, United States I19733
42 Sarah A  Abt 1866Indiana, United States I12044
43 Sarah B  Abt 1872Indiana, United States I2141
44 Sarah E  Oct 1861Indiana, United States I15369
45 Sarah J.  1845Indiana, United States I1538
46 Susan P.  Apr 1865Indiana, United States I12665
47 Susanah  Apr 1848Indiana, United States I17684
48 Sylvia M.  1905Indiana, United States I16723
49 Viola  Abt 1861Indiana, United States I17896
50 Adair, Alvah  12 Jan 1868Indiana, United States I17828

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Nellie  Bef 2006Indiana, United States I9144
2 Susan  Indiana, United States I7206
3 Adair, Helen M.  Jan 1980Indiana, United States I18666
4 Anderson, Edna Ruth  6 Jun 1966Indiana, United States I3216
5 Andrews, George  Indiana, United States I11535
6 Atkinson, F Joseph  Bef 1900Indiana, United States I1784
7 Baldwin, Ann  22 Nov 1832Indiana, United States I13129
8 Baldwin, Ferdinand  Indiana, United States I7978
9 Banks, Luvicia  28 Jan 1874Indiana, United States I13158
10 Biggs, James Monroe  20 Apr 1870Indiana, United States I16775
11 Brown, John Wright  16 Jun 1847Indiana, United States I16461
12 Carmon, Thomas  Indiana, United States I11124
13 Chadwick, Jehu  Indiana, United States I13857
14 Chadwick, Rhoda  Indiana, United States I7481
15 Claton, Thomas  29 Oct 1874Indiana, United States I12467
16 Clayton, Mary  Aug 1853Indiana, United States I12845
17 Conklin, Joseph Martin  Nov 1969Indiana, United States I9516
18 Cox, Sarah Elizabeth  Bef 1908Indiana, United States I6985
19 Craig, Charles Onnie Alvin  Oct 1963Indiana, United States I15790
20 Craig, Clarence Benjamin  Jun 1973Indiana, United States I16035
21 Curry, Clarence Henry  Apr 1963Indiana, United States I230
22 Dalrymple, Claude  Jan 1894Indiana, United States I8335
23 Dalrymple, Floyd Vernon  Apr 1978Indiana, United States I8668
24 Dalrymple, John M.  1927Indiana, United States I15165
25 Dalrymple, Vernon S  6 Jun 2000Indiana, United States I3772
26 Davidson, Elizabeth Ann  28 Mar 1915Indiana, United States I7986
27 Davis, Millard Edward  May 1967Indiana, United States I8114
28 Davis, Richard  1953Indiana, United States I8158
29 Dew, Russell  1982Indiana, United States I12880
30 Dillon, Amos C  Jan 1987Indiana, United States I4347
31 Elliott, Frances M  Abt 1884Indiana, United States I8123
32 Emmons, George Patterson  Indiana, United States I15818
33 Finch, Emery C.  1 Apr 2007Indiana, United States I12477
34 Flathers, Darcy  11 Jul 1865Indiana, United States I141
35 Frick, Noah  21 Aug 1928Indiana, United States I19600
36 Froebe, George William  Apr 1967Indiana, United States I15742
37 Gaumer, Alice M.  Sep 1982Indiana, United States I6402
38 Gaumer, Alta M.  Oct 1981Indiana, United States I5020
39 Gaumer, Charles David  Oct 1978Indiana, United States I17608
40 Gaumer, Charles Harrison  Indiana, United States I7965
41 Gaumer, Chauncey Albert  Dec 1974Indiana, United States I8080
42 Gaumer, Matthias  Dec 1969Indiana, United States I14803
43 Gaumer, Wayne Harrison  30 Apr 1999Indiana, United States I6369
44 Goble, Nicholas  Nov 1966Indiana, United States I16812
45 Gossett, Leo Clyde  Dec 1963Indiana, United States I14502
46 Grantham, George Wilson  Jul 1965Indiana, United States I6635
47 Grantham, Thurman  May 1968Indiana, United States I4574
48 Grishaw, Madison  21 Dec 1862Indiana, United States I2191
49 Hall, Eliza  1936Indiana, United States I5376
50 Hanley, Charles Augustus  Indiana, United States I208

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Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Aaron  1 Jan 1818Indiana, United States I3139
2 Biggs, John W.  25 Apr 1865Indiana, United States I19206
3 Griffith, William  1848Indiana, United States I20253
4 Hatfield, Ada E.  1901Indiana, United States I19939
5 Hatfield, Herbert P.  1928Indiana, United States I19934
6 Hatfield, Paul J.  1898Indiana, United States I19932
7 Kilander, Emma R.  1869Indiana, United States I20264
8 Kilander, Emma R.  1870Indiana, United States I20264
9 Kilander, John E.  1874Indiana, United States I20265
10 Kilander, Rebecca N.  1863Indiana, United States I20262
11 Kilander, William D.  1853Indiana, United States I20258
12 Parsons, Charles A.  28 Jan 1874Indiana, United States I7611
13 Ruble, Mary Jane  1855Indiana, United States I20273
14 Ruble, Mary Jane  1856Indiana, United States I20273
15 Shoptaw, Guy Leon  1930Indiana, United States I20051
16 Williamson, Levi  1850Indiana, United States I20272
17 Williamson, Martha E.  1853Indiana, United States I20280
18 Williamson, Milton C.  1860Indiana, United States I20283
19 Wolfert, Margaret  4 Jun 1854Indiana, United States I3586


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Wood, Harry D  Between 1911 and 1914Indiana, United States I4600

SSN issued

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    SSN issued    Person ID 
1 Pursch, Otto Hermuth  Indiana, United States I7102


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Butler / Mount  Abt 1889Indiana, United States F1722
2 Dalrymple /   Abt 1884Indiana, United States F4653
3 Dalrymple / Stevens  27 Jul 1899Indiana, United States F5040
4 Dyker / Pugh  Abt 1883Indiana, United States F4419
5 Hawkins / Cochran  1865Indiana, United States F422
6 Hemphill / Dobbins  Abt 1898Indiana, United States F3315
7 Humphry / Kelsay  Indiana, United States F1394
8 Ireland / Burnside  Abt 1871Indiana, United States F3156
9 Kelly / Hueston  16 Jun 1951Indiana, United States F2112
10 Kelsay /   Indiana, United States F1973
11 Kelsay / Hogan  18 Aug 1940Indiana, United States F4386
12 Kelsay / Hollingsworth  Abt 1868Indiana, United States F2120
13 Kelsay / Owen  Abt 1948Indiana, United States F1333
14 McKee /   1898Indiana, United States F4794
15 Oliver / Richardson  Abt 1871Indiana, United States F3666
16 Osborn / Hadley  1854Indiana, United States F1815
17 Rhoden /   Abt 1905Indiana, United States F42
18 Smith / Wood  Abt 1896Indiana, United States F2359
19 Taft / Beasley  7 Nov 1868Indiana, United States F2344
20 Taft / Rankin  6 Apr 1896Indiana, United States F2350
21 Williams /   Abt 1868Indiana, United States F1151