Pennsylvania, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amanda M  Pennsylvania, United States I11266
2 Edna A.  1905Pennsylvania, United States I7897
3 Elizabeth  1812Pennsylvania, United States I775
4 Father Of Elizabeth Prater  Pennsylvania, United States I11660
5 Hannah  1795Pennsylvania, United States I11624
6 Jane  1795Pennsylvania, United States I10698
7 Judy  1814Pennsylvania, United States I19502
8 Julia A  Abt 1818Pennsylvania, United States I8741
9 Margaret  Abt 1804Pennsylvania, United States I735
10 Martha  Abt 1811Pennsylvania, United States I11952
11 Mother Of Elizabeth Prater  Pennsylvania, United States I3027
12 Nancy  Abt 1839Pennsylvania, United States I4461
13 Susanna  Abt 1827Pennsylvania, United States I17855
14 Alford, John  Pennsylvania, United States I17297
15 Allen, Eliza M.  1826Pennsylvania, United States I14972
16 Atkinson, F Joseph  Abt 1837Pennsylvania, United States I1784
17 Bartel, James S.  12 Feb 1874Pennsylvania, United States I15545
18 Baxter, Anne  1740Pennsylvania, United States I6631
19 Bear, Elizabeth  Pennsylvania, United States I10637
20 Bechtol, Aaron  Pennsylvania, United States I19971
21 Bosworth, Kenneth  1906Pennsylvania, United States I19725
22 Bosworth, Norma  1904Pennsylvania, United States I19723
23 Bosworth, Sarah  1908Pennsylvania, United States I9563
24 Bougher, Joseph  Pennsylvania, United States I20396
25 Bowers, Andrew George W  1842Pennsylvania, United States I18255
26 Braddock, Eliza  Sep 1869Pennsylvania, United States I10274
27 Brown, Alexander Seawright  25 Nov 1841Pennsylvania, United States I1509
28 Brown, James Madison  11 Nov 1839Pennsylvania, United States I1508
29 Brown, James Ramsey  15 Aug 1800Pennsylvania, United States I14796
30 Brown, Lazarus  Pennsylvania, United States I19156
31 Bushong, Andy  Pennsylvania, United States I20456
32 Campbell  Pennsylvania, United States I20798
33 Case, Jacob  1742Pennsylvania, United States I8900
34 Case, Sarah Ann  Abt 1807Pennsylvania, United States I7453
35 Chadwick, Israel  1775Pennsylvania, United States I13645
36 Chandler, Eli  Pennsylvania, United States I6867
37 Chandler, Elsha  28 Apr 1834Pennsylvania, United States I12707
38 Coons, Sarah  Pennsylvania, United States I20858
39 Dare, Ann Black  13 Nov 1857Pennsylvania, United States I17912
40 Dare, Anna M  7 Mar 1812Pennsylvania, United States I1523
41 Dare, Anson Elkanah  1 Jun 1889Pennsylvania, United States I14424
42 Dare, Anson Phillips  12 Jan 1860Pennsylvania, United States I5230
43 Dare, Bessie Black  25 Sep 1887Pennsylvania, United States I1519
44 Dare, Charles Kelsay  28 Nov 1861Pennsylvania, United States I5298
45 Dare, David  Pennsylvania, United States I7436
46 Dare, Edward Philips  15 Oct 1883Pennsylvania, United States I7044
47 Dare, Edward Phillips  12 Apr 1818Pennsylvania, United States I2811
48 Dare, Elkanah Osborn  3 May 1827Pennsylvania, United States I13167
49 Dare, Francis M  23 Apr 1823Pennsylvania, United States I10544
50 Dare, George  25 May 1856Pennsylvania, United States I3698

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dare, Anson Elkanah  13 Aug 1889Pennsylvania, United States I14424
2 Knight, Jonathan  1785Pennsylvania, United States I1167
3 Plumley, Sarah  Abt 1751Pennsylvania, United States I5432
4 Watson, Laura  1 Feb 1999Pennsylvania, United States I556

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Adair, John Newton  1826Pennsylvania, United States I6842


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Clark / Seawright  18 Nov 1847Pennsylvania, United States F1418
2 Kelsay / Brodbeck  17 Jun 1939Pennsylvania, United States F3107
3 Nealis / McCain  Abt 1785Pennsylvania, United States F3951
4 Roush / McCannon  Pennsylvania, United States F3403
5 Vickers /   Abt 1689Pennsylvania, United States F1794