Ohio, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary Ann  Ohio, United States I20386
2 Adams, Aaron  1 Jan 1818Ohio, United States I3139
3 Adams, Emma E.  23 Apr 1861Ohio, United States I2788
4 Allbaugh, George W.  Ohio, United States I20327
5 Anderson, Allen  Ohio, United States I20614
6 Beard, George  Ohio, United States I20385
7 Beard, Rachael P.  17 Apr 1849Ohio, United States I20294
8 Books, Jacob  Ohio, United States I20391
9 Brown, William H.  23 Dec 1850Ohio, United States I15584
10 Burke, Francis  1811Ohio, United States I20225
11 Campbell, Robert  Ohio, United States I20091
12 Chandler, Brunett H.  9 Sep 1845Ohio, United States I20700
13 Cox, Antis Jane  18 Dec 1854Ohio, United States I15583
14 Detertick, Samuel  Ohio, United States I20115
15 Dilts, James R.  21 Mar 1842Ohio, United States I12421
16 Dinius, Henry Clay  25 Nov 1843Ohio, United States I19967
17 Eck, Margaret M.  12 May 1848Ohio, United States I20632
18 Fenn, Jesse P.  2 Jan 1832Ohio, United States I5476
19 Froebe, Ida E.  2 Apr 1884Ohio, United States I19033
20 Froebe, Irene C.  1 Jan 1893Ohio, United States I18878
21 Gear, Paris  Ohio, United States I20201
22 Griener, Mary Alice  Jan 1859Ohio, United States I20160
23 Griffith, John  1838Ohio, United States I20251
24 Griffith, Mary  1832Ohio, United States I20248
25 Griffith, Rebecca  1836Ohio, United States I20250
26 Griffith, Sarah J.  1834Ohio, United States I20249
27 Hamilton, Sally Ann  Ohio, United States I20246
28 Harrell, Margarite R.  1919Ohio, United States I20145
29 Hatfield, Eli  23 Nov 1822Ohio, United States I16574
30 Hatfield, Levi  Ohio, United States I19962
31 Hochstetler, Barbara  1844Ohio, United States I20186
32 Hochstetler, Benjamin  1828Ohio, United States I20179
33 Hochstetler, Catharine  1832Ohio, United States I20181
34 Hochstetler, Elisabeth  1846Ohio, United States I20187
35 Hochstetler, Frany  1831Ohio, United States I20180
36 Hochstetler, Jacob  1840Ohio, United States I20184
37 Hochstetler, James  1842Ohio, United States I20185
38 Hochstetler, Moses I.  5 Oct 1834Ohio, United States I6718
39 Hochstetler, Rebecca  1836Ohio, United States I20182
40 Hochstetler, Susanna  1838Ohio, United States I20183
41 Holloway, Abner  6 Dec 1830Ohio, United States I4993
42 Hudson, Parmelia  Ohio, United States I20363
43 Kilander, Calvin  1852Ohio, United States I20257
44 Kilander, Maria E.  1850Ohio, United States I20256
45 Kilander, Mary Margaret  12 Mar 1845Ohio, United States I19989
46 Kilander, Sarah E.  1848Ohio, United States I20255
47 Kilander, William D.  1854Ohio, United States I20258
48 Lawvere, Homer S.  22 Feb 1874Ohio, United States I20072
49 Ludwig, Lloyd Franklin  Ohio, United States I20188
50 McCormick, Rebecca  12 Sep 1832Ohio, United States I3135

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Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Griffith, Rebecca  1831Ohio, United States I20250
2 Griffith, William  1800Ohio, United States I20224
3 Hatfield, A. Lincoln  1867Ohio, United States I16575
4 Kilander, Maria E.  1851Ohio, United States I20256
5 Kilander, Mary Margaret  1846Ohio, United States I19989
6 Kilander, Mary Margaret  1847Ohio, United States I19989
7 Kilander, Mary Margaret  1848Ohio, United States I19989
8 Kilander, Perry  1824Ohio, United States I20239
9 Kilander, Sarah E.  1849Ohio, United States I20255
10 Martin, Sarah J.  1828Ohio, United States I20240
11 Martin, Sarah J.  1831Ohio, United States I20240
12 Miller, Barbara  1813Ohio, United States I17507
13 Thompson, Clarence W.  1894Ohio, United States I20152
14 Thompson, Clarence W.  1917Ohio, United States I20155
15 Thompson, Kenneth E.  1919Ohio, United States I20144
16 Thompson, Myron C.  1896Ohio, United States I20162
17 Williamson, Aaron  1847Ohio, United States I20279