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The unique McKelleb name has not been found elsewhere on the planet. It mysteriously appears with the birth of William McKelleb in 1787, 1788, or 1789, of unknown parents, and continued with one male each generation to carry on the family name - until now. Today there are five young McKelleb males to propagate the McKelleb line (the name will survive!). Known descendants currently live in Arizona, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, Texas, Utah, and the UK.

Our first listing of the Harmon family begins in Ireland in 1767 with the birth of Robert Harmon, who married and settled in Fleming County, Kentucky, where the Harmon line continues to this day. Descendants are known to be living in Arizona, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Nevada, and Utah.

Our first Kelsay listing is Robert Kelsay, born 1711 in Northern Ireland, an ancestor of Ruth Leah Kelsay McKelleb, in the photo.

Our first Gates entry is William Gates, born 1815 in Maryland, USA, an ancestor of Katie McKelleb - her mother's ancestor.

Joseph Porter, Sr., born 1739 in Ireland, is our first Porter entry, a branch off the Harmon line, an ancestor of B. Kathryn (Katie) Harmon McKelleb. Grandma Porter raised Katie.

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Some family lines on the site may not be directly related to the families listed (side lines from marriage, for example).

Census records are a gold mine for genealogical research. However, the records from the 1700s until 1840 list by name only the head of household, with the number of household members. Assumed family relationships during that period are listed only after due diligence to support its listing.

This site is provided by the McKelleb Family Organization. Cynthia McKelleb is the research guru. Dave McKelleb (Scenic Color County) developed and supports the site using The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding.

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