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Matches 1 to 50 of 1888

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Zimmerman, Maude  4 Apr 1904Indiana, United States I1710
2 Zent, Ida  20 Nov 1865Indiana, United States I16206
3 Young, Val Dair  1 May 1927Indiana, United States I5335
4 Young, Ray Edward  Sep 1879Indiana, United States I2832
5 Young, Mary J  Apr 1874Indiana, United States I2837
6 Young, Mary  1852Indiana, United States I4558
7 Young, Martha  1855Indiana, United States I4780
8 Young, L F  Jun 1889Indiana, United States I2831
9 Young, John M  Sep 1876Indiana, United States I2834
10 Young, Henry J.  1850Indiana, United States I2827
11 Young, Arthur J.  Apr 1881Indiana, United States I4172
12 Yoder, Lowell W  9 Apr 1942Indiana, United States I3501
13 Yarger, Lue Minty  1881Indiana, United States I15635
14 Yarger, James A.  1899Indiana, United States I15968
15 Wright, Wilber L  Nov 1872Indiana, United States I5488
16 Wright, Olive G.  19 Aug 1856Indiana, United States I1989
17 Wright, Mary  Aug 1891Indiana, United States I8917
18 Wright, Harmond  May 1879Indiana, United States I6323
19 Wright, George T  Nov 1874Indiana, United States I18311
20 Wright, Elizabeth Jane  21 Feb 1852Indiana, United States I1976
21 Wright, Claare R  Feb 1887Indiana, United States I16042
22 Wright, Bert  Feb 1884Indiana, United States I8550
23 Woods, Elizabeth Jane  Indiana, United States I6069
24 Wood, Ralph L.  9 Jul 1905Indiana, United States I1775
25 Wood, Harry D.  21 Sep 1875Indiana, United States I5443
26 Wood, Ester Mary  12 Jun 1910Indiana, United States I1776
27 Wood, Arthur K.  10 Jul 1903Indiana, United States I5398
28 Wolfe, Pearl  Jan 1900Indiana, United States I19050
29 Wolfe, Noah Mcclellan  Feb 1865Indiana, United States I19952
30 Winters, Pearlie B.  Nov 1886Indiana, United States I10128
31 Winters, Josiah  Feb 1868Indiana, United States I3995
32 Winters, Elsie L.  Jan 1894Indiana, United States I3997
33 Winters, Eita M.  Apr 1899Indiana, United States I15053
34 Winslow, Webster J.  15 Jan 1858Indiana, United States I56
35 Winslow, T. Dennis  28 Oct 1861Indiana, United States I5510
36 Winslow, Clinton  1 Jun 1869Indiana, United States I7015
37 Wiltsie, Orris E.  5 Feb 1870Indiana, United States I2790
38 Wiltsie, Ida Leota  Jan 1880Indiana, United States I14069
39 Wiltsie, George W.  16 Oct 1846Indiana, United States I12837
40 Wiltsie, Cassie  6 Dec 1877Indiana, United States I12055
41 Wilson, Sarah  Indiana, United States I5065
42 Wilson, Ethel  25 May 1880Indiana, United States I4019
43 Wilson, Elias  Abt 1835Indiana, United States I20365
44 Willis, Lenora Bell  14 Apr 1868Indiana, United States I17289
45 Williamson, William Franklin  25 May 1880Indiana, United States I584
46 Williamson, Susanna  1855Indiana, United States I579
47 Williamson, Ruth Ann  19 Sep 1879Indiana, United States I586
48 Williamson, Milton C.  4 Feb 1887Indiana, United States I3993
49 Williamson, Milton C.  1859Indiana, United States I582
50 Williamson, Martha E.  1852Indiana, United States I578

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Matches 1 to 50 of 88

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Young, John M  2 Mar 1928Indiana, United States I2834
2 Wilburn, Nellie  Bef 2006Indiana, United States I10705
3 Wadman, Paul F  25 Sep 1995Indiana, United States I6010
4 Wadman, Opal Frances  Jul 1973Indiana, United States I2647
5 Wadman, Inez V  Jul 1978Indiana, United States I3825
6 Wadman, Herald  Oct 1973Indiana, United States I6016
7 Vanhook, Penina  Indiana, United States I15686
8 Stephens, Sarah E.  1 Sep 1853Indiana, United States I12344
9 Stephens, Martin  Bef 1900Indiana, United States I14242
10 Smith, L. Marie  2 Aug 1985Indiana, United States I16837
11 Skinner, Tura  Indiana, United States I3112
12 Simpson, Tabitha  1874Indiana, United States I15929
13 Shoptaw, Sandra Kay  10 Aug 2008Indiana, United States I8875
14 Scott, Thomas M.  Between 1870 and 1877Indiana, United States I12349
15 Saunders, Wood Hamilton  Indiana, United States I4110
16 Saunders, Harvey Alvin  Indiana, United States I18789
17 Saunders, Anson B  Indiana, United States I18795
18 Sanders, Jane  Indiana, United States I18796
19 Sanders, Bernard M  Sep 1968Indiana, United States I18998
20 Sanders, Albert  Indiana, United States I18788
21 Rust, Delbert  13 Aug 1989Indiana, United States I8679
22 Rue, Susannah  1866Indiana, United States I16922
23 Rich, Ellen E.  1896Indiana, United States I18552
24 Rhoden, Ivan E  17 May 1988Indiana, United States I12962
25 Purtee, John Vardaman  Jan 1970Indiana, United States I8727
26 Powell, John Franklin  May 1978Indiana, United States I9210
27 Porter, Joseph  1940Indiana, United States I8697
28 Planck, Lyle Edward  Indiana, United States I6470
29 Peet, George H  Bef 1930Indiana, United States I4884
30 Newman, Jane  Indiana, United States I10200
31 Needler, Louis Leroy  Feb 1974Indiana, United States I14757
32 Moran, Noel D  Indiana, United States I15346
33 Moran, Ellen  23 Jul 1908Indiana, United States I9205
34 Moore, Sarah  11 May 1811Indiana, United States I19497
35 McKee, Otha  18 Jul 1994Indiana, United States I17617
36 Martz, Isaac  7 Sep 1898Indiana, United States I14184
37 Ludlow, William Frank  27 Oct 1885Indiana, United States I13089
38 Ludlow, James A.  4 Sep 1873Indiana, United States I17113
39 Ludlow, Emory Melvin  5 Nov 1938Indiana, United States I13815
40 Ludlow, Daniel S.  12 Sep 1868Indiana, United States I17091
41 Laird, Elizabeth  21 Apr 1866Indiana, United States I12289
42 Kelsay, Infant  Abt 1949Indiana, United States I8185
43 Kelsay, Hannah N.  30 Apr 1883Indiana, United States I7874
44 Kelsay, Gene Edward  1941Indiana, United States I9288
45 Kelsay, Elmira I  Indiana, United States I5518
46 Kelly, William Thomas  24 Jul 1985Indiana, United States I5533
47 Hueston, Thomas  15 Jul 1886Indiana, United States I7974
48 Hueston, Kenneth  11 Dec 1973Indiana, United States I16259
49 Hueston, James H.  3 May 1903Indiana, United States I7981
50 Hueston, Elizabeth Jane  11 Aug 1885Indiana, United States I7975

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Alt. Birth

Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Thomas, Ida M.  1862Indiana, United States I18742
2 Thomas, Ida M.  1860Indiana, United States I18742
3 Thomas, Frank  1858Indiana, United States I20658
4 Stephens, Elizabeth  1845Indiana, United States I11325
5 Shuttleworth, Michael Alan  1964Indiana, United States I6507
6 Pollard, Willis Green Sr.  1850Indiana, United States I20302
7 Pollard, Willis Green Sr.  28 Sep 1846Indiana, United States I20302
8 Pollard, Willis G.  Aug 1886Indiana, United States I5484
9 Pollard, Minerva Jane  1856Indiana, United States I20324
10 Pollard, Henry D.  1854Indiana, United States I16110
11 Pollard, Henry  1883Indiana, United States I20611
12 Pollard, Henry  1880Indiana, United States I20611
13 Pollard, Henry  Aug 1878Indiana, United States I20611
14 Pollard, Goldie Pearl  1892Indiana, United States I1898
15 Pollard, Flora B.  Mar 1877Indiana, United States I1901
16 Pollard, Elizabeth  1858Indiana, United States I20335
17 Pollard, Curtis  1895Indiana, United States I20612
18 Oldham, Margaret Jane  1821Indiana, United States I1650
19 McKelleb, Kenneth Leon  1938Indiana, United States I7939
20 Kelsay, Ruth Leah  1916Indiana, United States I17249
21 Kelsay, Estella E.  1876Indiana, United States I3350
22 Hupp, John  1865Indiana, United States I3674
23 Hupp, Jennett  1860Indiana, United States I20300
24 Hupp, Ida May  1870Indiana, United States I16520
25 Hupp, Ida May  1868Indiana, United States I16520
26 Hupp, George S.  1858Indiana, United States I10413
27 Hupp, Edwin B.  1874Indiana, United States I20667
28 Hupp, Edwin B.  Oct 1872Indiana, United States I20667
29 Bush, Willard  1864Indiana, United States I20601
30 Bush, Thomas F.  1857Indiana, United States I20598
31 Bush, Tabitha Lucinda  1860Indiana, United States I20599
32 Bush, Remedy  1849Indiana, United States I20596
33 Bush, Martin Allen  1851Indiana, United States I20597
34 Bush, Laura Ann  1856Indiana, United States I5462
35 Bush, Laura Ann  1854Indiana, United States I5462
36 Bush, Laura Ann  1853Indiana, United States I5462
37 Bush, Laura Ann  1847Indiana, United States I5462
38 Bush, Adolphus  1862Indiana, United States I6361
39 Bush, Adolphus  1858Indiana, United States I6361
40 Baker, Nancy M.  1853Indiana, United States I15801
41 Baker, Henry  23 Apr 1843Indiana, United States I16658
42 Baker, Benjamin Woodford  1856Indiana, United States I15803
43 Baker, Benjamin Woodford  1855Indiana, United States I15803
44 Baker, Amanda M.  1850Indiana, United States I16691


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Claton, Thomas  1870Indiana, United States I12276


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Taft / Rankin  6 Apr 1896Indiana, United States F2852
2 Taft / Beasley  7 Nov 1868Indiana, United States F2846
3 Smith / Wood  Abt 1896Indiana, United States F2863
4 Rhoden /   Abt 1905Indiana, United States F3714
5 Osborn / Hadley  1854Indiana, United States F2224
6 McKee /   1898Indiana, United States F5231
7 Kelsay / Vinson  Indiana, United States F2418
8 Kelsay / Owen  Abt 1948Indiana, United States F1680
9 Kelsay / Hollingsworth  Abt 1868Indiana, United States F2573
10 Kelsay / Hogan  18 Aug 1940Indiana, United States F4063
11 Kelly / Hueston  16 Jun 1951Indiana, United States F2565
12 Humphrey / Kelsay  Indiana, United States F1745
13 Hawkins / Cochran  1865Indiana, United States F1605
14 Evans / Kelsay  4 Mar 1945Indiana, United States F4889
15 Dalrymple / Stevens  27 Jul 1899Indiana, United States F5546
16 Dalrymple /   Abt 1884Indiana, United States F5037
17 Butler / Mount  Abt 1889Indiana, United States F2103
18 Alley / Balser  Abt 1878Indiana, United States F1290