Missouri, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Effie M  9 Nov 1887Missouri, United States I6194
2 Fannie F  May 1869Missouri, United States I2316
3 Harriet  Abt 1846Missouri, United States I12350
4 Helen L  Feb 1852Missouri, United States I7219
5 Martha Pearl  4 Aug 1889Missouri, United States I14326
6 Mattie E  May 1867Missouri, United States I7539
7 Rachel Della  Abt 1877Missouri, United States I4297
8 Rhoda  Oct 1867Missouri, United States I3893
9 Allinson, Mary Katherine  1863Missouri, United States I9560
10 Alltop, Eugene  Abt 1905Missouri, United States I890
11 Alltop, Fay  Nov 1893Missouri, United States I13253
12 Alltop, Gracie  Abt 1902Missouri, United States I833
13 Alltop, James B  Aug 1899Missouri, United States I8841
14 Alltop, John W  Oct 1891Missouri, United States I8290
15 Alltop, Olive  Abt 1908Missouri, United States I2333
16 Alltop, Williard  Abt 1907Missouri, United States I15281
17 Applegate, Andrew  1886Missouri, United States I12222
18 Blakeney, Martha C  Abt 1859Missouri, United States I16997
19 Blakeney, Nora May  Aug 1879Missouri, United States I892
20 Blakeney, Rhoda S  Abt 1857Missouri, United States I16996
21 Blakeney, William Lee  1875Missouri, United States I1748
22 Brinegar, Calvin Wilkerson  18 Oct 1857Missouri, United States I7645
23 Chadwick, Albert M  Nov 1860Missouri, United States I17862
24 Chadwick, Amy B  Jun 1893Missouri, United States I7217
25 Chadwick, Anna  Abt 1879Missouri, United States I13101
26 Chadwick, Anna Mary  Abt 1858Missouri, United States I9173
27 Chadwick, Charles A  Abt 1869Missouri, United States I12348
28 Chadwick, Dasy A  Abt 1871Missouri, United States I12347
29 Chadwick, Ernest  16 Aug 1886Missouri, United States I89
30 Chadwick, Eumalma C  Feb 1885Missouri, United States I12344
31 Chadwick, Fay L  1899Missouri, United States I13066
32 Chadwick, George A  Abt 1860Missouri, United States I7220
33 Chadwick, Harry L  Sep 1889Missouri, United States I12351
34 Chadwick, Ida M  Abt 1872Missouri, United States I13094
35 Chadwick, Josiah M  Abt 1904Missouri, United States I13074
36 Chadwick, Julia May  Abt 1867Missouri, United States I7212
37 Chadwick, Lucinda  Abt 1864Missouri, United States I7358
38 Chadwick, Mary M  Dec 1897Missouri, United States I13068
39 Chadwick, Maud  May 1885Missouri, United States I90
40 Chadwick, Milton  11 Nov 1861Missouri, United States I736
41 Chadwick, Thomas D  Abt 1850Missouri, United States I7214
42 Chadwick, Trmne  Dec 1889Missouri, United States I13061
43 Chadwick, Victor H M  Dec 1870Missouri, United States I12346
44 Chadwick, Viola  Abt 1875Missouri, United States I13099
45 Chadwick, Virginia F  Abt 1859Missouri, United States I7221
46 Conner, Isabella  1843Missouri, United States I2307
47 Cooper, Arthur P  Jan 1892Missouri, United States I8747
48 Cooper, Bessie  Jan 1899Missouri, United States I8752
49 Cooper, Charles B Jr.  Abt 1903Missouri, United States I8460
50 Cooper, Charles M  Nov 1897Missouri, United States I8749

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Rachel Della  1972Missouri, United States I4297
2 Sarah  28 Apr 1893Missouri, United States I4666
3 Thelma May  4 May 1967Missouri, United States I14308
4 Alford, Cecil G  8 Dec 1997Missouri, United States I5053
5 Baker, Benjamin Woodford  Bef 1892Missouri, United States I15572
6 Cannon, Mary A  10 Feb 1918Missouri, United States I14325
7 Chadwick, Abner T  Missouri, United States I17661
8 Chadwick, David E  Missouri, United States I6681
9 Chadwick, Eli D.  Missouri, United States I17727
10 Chadwick, Mary Elizabeth  26 Jun 1939Missouri, United States I10426
11 Chadwick, Milton  20 Dec 1930Missouri, United States I736
12 Cooper, Lillie Elnora  8 Aug 1981Missouri, United States I884
13 Dark, Jethro Oden  Jul 1978Missouri, United States I16300
14 Doon, Garrett  Missouri, United States I13658
15 Fowler, Sally  Missouri, United States I17432
16 Kelsay, Dorothy C  10 Sep 2001Missouri, United States I5429
17 Kelsay, Erwin  Missouri, United States I6056
18 Kelsay, Hannah  Missouri, United States I18692
19 Kelsay, Lelah Frances  10 Aug 1964Missouri, United States I8537
20 Kelsay, Maria  Missouri, United States I19382
21 McEntire, Catherine  Missouri, United States I1260
22 Myers, Eli  Missouri, United States I15485
23 Owen, Mary Effie  20 Oct 1938Missouri, United States I13069
24 Parks, Lawrence Grover  Apr 1981Missouri, United States I2319
25 Parks, Mary Ann  27 Aug 1986Missouri, United States I9448
26 Parks, Maude B.  1957Missouri, United States I13214
27 Purvis, Oren Medford  Jul 1978Missouri, United States I15472
28 Purvis, Shelby  5 Oct 1989Missouri, United States I15471
29 Redding, Calvin J  Missouri, United States I15279
30 Saunders, Aaron  Missouri, United States I17428
31 Shoemaker, Joseph Wayne  1 Jan 1972Missouri, United States I889
32 Shoemaker, Josie  May 1969Missouri, United States I860
33 Shoemaker, Momman Dowdy  16 Apr 1972Missouri, United States I13987
34 Shoemaker, Omer Troy  10 Feb 1993Missouri, United States I15282
35 Shoemaker, Ora E  Sep 1970Missouri, United States I8210
36 Shoemaker, Troy Liggett  Aug 1970Missouri, United States I13219
37 Shoemaker, Walter Daniel  19 Mar 1973Missouri, United States I919
38 Speed, Anne  Missouri, United States I8034
39 Wrenchy, Mary  Missouri, United States I1466
40 Yeomen, Burleigh E  21 Dec 1964Missouri, United States I14328
41 Young, Shirley Adell  31 Jan 1995Missouri, United States I17719


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Davis / Kelsay  Missouri, United States F1535
2 Kelsay / Leigh  Abt 1925Missouri, United States F3093
3 Kelsay / McKinney  1913Missouri, United States F4910