Arkansas, United States



Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Evelyn  1894Arkansas, United States I20872
2 Baylor, Benjamin Byrd  15 Jan 1907Arkansas, United States I1151
3 Bohanon, Nancy Marie  Feb 1886Arkansas, United States I14739
4 Kirkwood, George W  Abt 1870Arkansas, United States I13248
5 Sanders, Anthony Monroe  Mar 1876Arkansas, United States I15281
6 Sanders, Anthony Monroe Jr.  Abt 1910Arkansas, United States I5020
7 Sanders, Beulah  Abt 1903Arkansas, United States I8279
8 Sanders, Doyne  Abt 1908Arkansas, United States I16487
9 Sanders, Edwin  Abt 1914Arkansas, United States I16582
10 Sanders, Jessie M  Abt 1900Arkansas, United States I15484
11 Sanders, Paul  Abt 1905Arkansas, United States I16601
12 Sanders, Vaughn K  Abt 1901Arkansas, United States I16544
13 Simpson, Daisy  Jun 1883Arkansas, United States I17364
14 Simpson, Dora  Sep 1893Arkansas, United States I4641
15 Simpson, Frank  Apr 1881Arkansas, United States I17372
16 Simpson, Maud  Feb 1885Arkansas, United States I4644
17 Simpson, Thomas J  Dec 1885Arkansas, United States I17356
18 Watson, James William Jr  6 Jun 1923Arkansas, United States I2966