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13051 There are no census records for William J Clausmeier. It is also doubtful that there will be a birth or death record for this child as it was not a requirement when he was born and when he died. However, he is buried next to his parents.
Clausmeier, William K. (I23297)
13052 There are no census records for William J Clausmeier. It is also doubtful that there will be a birth or death record for this child as it was not a requirement when he was born and when he died. However, he is buried next to his parents. Clausmeier, William J. (I23296)
13053 There are people that say that Henry died in 1865. However, in 1860, Margaret, his wife is living with her son Robert at the time and Henry is not listed so it is assumed she is already widowed at this time. If I am able to locate documentation on his death I will change not having a death date for him. Dishong, Henry D. (I24138)
13054 There are two death certificates for Lewis. One is Certificate #2217 4 and the other is Certifciate #22172 Gudgell, Lewis Calf (I17479)
13055 There are two death certificates for Lewis. One is Certificate #22174 and the other is Certifciate #22172 Gudgell, Lewis Calf (I17479)
13056 There is 3 children living with Jacob and Elizabeth in 1870. They are too young to be their children. Who they belong to is unknown at this time. The children are: Mary b. 1863 in Ohio, Albert b. 1865 in Ohio, and William b. 1869 in Ohio. In 1880, they are listed as Jacob's grandchildren. There is another one that is living with Jacob in 1880 that is listed as a granddaughter. She is Elizabeth B. b. 1874 in Ohio. Upon further research, Mary, Albert and William are the children of David and Phebe. Phebe passed away in 1869. Most likely due to her pregnancy with William. It appears that the Elizabeth that is living with Jacob in the 1880 Census may also be David's daughter. However, she is listed in both households. One with her grandfather and one with her parents, David and Emma. In the one where she is in the household of her parents she is listed as being 5 and with the one where she is in the household of her grandfather, she is listed as being 6.

In the 1850 Census they have Jacob listed as being born in 1806 
Rust, Jacob (I12941)
13057 There is 7 years between Frank and the last known child to be born. It is possible he belongs to the 2nd wife, however, he is listed as being born in 1856 and John and Mary didn't get married until about 1858 which makes it possible that Katherine died in childbirth. Cabelish, Frank (I23445)
13058 There is a Ann A.S. Stair (Stain) living with Joseph and Mary in 1850. She is 12 and was born @1838 in Pennsylvania. Too old to be their child as they did not get married until 1846. It is possible, however that Joseph was married previously to Mary as he was 39 when they were married Stair, Joseph (I5394)
13059 There is a Barbara Moury that was born in 1847 in Indiana is withing hte household of Isaac and Catharine in the 1860 Census Cruzan, Isaac (I23981)
13060 There is a Elmer and Hira Hendrickson that were married in October 1889. Several have attached her as the first wife of this Elmer Anderson. However, the dates of the marriage to Hira and Mary Jane Toll is only 8 months apart. This is feasible, however he states in his marriage to Emma that he has only been married one time before and it ended in death in 1927. Anderson, Elmer Elsworth (I18591)
13061 There is a Fanny Rice living within the household of Isaiah in 1870. He has a sister by the name of Francis Rice, according to the online trees on Family Search. That tree states that she died in 1845. However, I do believe the Fanny Rice living with them, is indeed his sister Francis. Further research is required to know which way forsure.
There is also a John born in 1858 in Tennessee and Sarah born in 1862 living with them in 1870. John was not listed in the 1860 Census, and I highly doubt that Isaiah and Ruth named a second child Sarah. Further research is required to find out wheather they are Isaiah and Ruth's children or a family member's children. 
Rice, Isaiah (I21439)
13062 There is a Frances (41) b. 1829, Peter (17) b. 1853, and Sarah K. (8 ) b . 1862 living with Alexander (1797) and Margaret (Oxley) Armstron g in 1870. Peter was living with them in 1860 also. All have the las t name of Armstrong. It is unknown at this time if they are childre n and grandchildren to them or just have the same last name. Furthe r research is required to obtain this i formation. Armstrong, Alexander (I12903)
13063 There is a Gaynelle Thomas that is listed in the 1930 Census with Almond and his family. Initially she was listed as a daughter but that was crossed out and listed as Relative. Thomas, Almond Loyd (I18656)
13064 There is a George M H Ramseyer that i have recorded in my database that may potentially be this George. I have George M H recorded as being born on December 13, 1855. However, George M H dies before the 1900 Census so I can't verify. Maybe further research will determine if they are one in the same. Ramseyer, George M. (I15588)
13065 There is a George W Woodcock that is 22 years old, being born in 1828 in Pennsylvania living within the household of Henry and Margaret. If what others say is correct, this could potentially be Margaret's brother.
The 1850 Census has Margaret born in 1809. The 1860 Census has Margaret being born in 1806. She is also living with her son Robert, so evidently her husband, Henry passed before 1860.

Find a grave is not an exact documentation for demographics (vital records). However, it seems plausible that this is her birth and death dates. I assume that is where she is buried due to the fact that she was living with her son in 1880. 
Woodcock, Margaret (I24139)
13066 There is a Gillian Harper who was born in 1822 in Fleming County, Kentu cky living with Fletcher and Nancy in 1850. I have a feeling this may b e Nancy's sister since Nancy's maiden name is Harper. Harper, Nancy (I20726)
13067 There is a grand daughter Goldie, who was born in 1930 living within the household of Silas and Mary (Tackett) Hall in 1930. Who does she belong to? Hall, Silas D. (I21680)
13068 There is a Hiram Coon, born 1828 that is living within the household in 1850. He may be related to George, but I don't believe it is a child of George and Euseba's because he would have been born when George was 13 years old. Coon, George N. (I21940)
13069 There is a Isaac Harrell that was born in 1820 living in the household of James E Harrell. Is this his brother or how is he related. Further research is necessary to find out . Harrell, James E. (I21596)
13070 There is a John Chandler that is 27 years old being born in 1828 in Ohio that is in the household of Eli Chandler. Who he is, is unknown at this time.

The 1850 Census has Eli being born in 1801 
Chandler, Eli (I8032)
13071 There is a John Good that was born in 1850 that is living within the household of Alfred and Elizabeth in the 1860 Census. This may be a brother or nephew to Elizabeth. Further research is required to find out. Good, Elizabeth (I24003)
13072 There is a Joseph Jordon that was born in 1796 in Kentucky living in the household of Wm and Amanda. Research is needed to find out who he is to them if anything. Hinton, William H (I7830)
13073 There is a Louisa and Mariah Nelson living within the household of William and Rebecca Nelson. You have to be careful as there are two William Nelson's in the same county in the 1870 Census. The correct one has Susan, Louisa, and Maria included in the household, not to mention Griffith Nelson in Trask, Indiana. The other William is not the same one as he was born in 1835. It looks as if William and Rebecca took Louisa and Maria in when their son Jackson and daughter in law Lucy passed away. It is unknown at this time if Griffith is related or not.

According to the findagrave memorial for William Nelson, a Sheila Watson recorded William passing in 1879, but when you look at the tombstone it clearly shows 1874. 
Nelson, William (I16798)
13074 There is a Margaret Brown, 78 that is living with Nicholas and Margaret Kaough in 1850 and 1860. Believe this may be Margaret's mother. Further research needed to find out.

1815, 1824, May 1823 
Brown, Margaret (I952)
13075 There is a Matilda Harrison, born 1839 in Ohio, living in the household of Bazzell. Most likely his sister. Harrison, Bazel P. (I22862)
13076 There is a Nancy Vice, born in 1863 that is living in the household of Dennis in 1880. It is unclear who the parents are. Further research is required. Hawkins, Dennis (I15811)
13077 There is a short obituary on Find A Grave for Eliza. However, there is not a paper listed for this obituary so I have decided not to put it here until i can find it in the paper as to be able to document it correctly.

Eliza is listed in the 1860 Census as Elizah and a male and being born in 1843.

Even though Eliza appears to be in a different family than her parents, what it is actually is that her brother and wife were living with her parents. The census taker put Lewis as a different family within the household and therefore it appears that his siblings are their children when they are not.
Martz, Eliza J. (I1961)
13078 There is a Thomas Alexander (12 at the time of the census) living with David in Elizabeth in the 1870 census. I do not believe this is their son due to the fact that there is ten years between Thomas and the last known child born to them. Not to mention, that is the only time he is listed with them (1870 Census). Alexander, David (I7328)
13079 There is a William Shoptaw, Age 20 (1840) living within the household of Adam. He is a Apprentice Blacksmith. Because of the way they did things back in that time frame, William may be related to Adam in some way. Research is required to find out. Shoptaw, Adam Hoke (I21674)
13080 There is an Elizabeth Nance along with her children living in the household of Alpheus Lay in 1860. Further research is required to see if she is related to Alpheus or not. Lay, Alpheus (I18391)
13081 There is an Elizabeth Overman that is 14 in 1850 living within the household of Rebecca Rue. She may be a sister or niece to Elijah.
According to the memorial page for Elijah, he died in Cowley County, Kansas on 9/23/1893. However, the tombstone is not where you can read it, so until i get a better picture or documentation to prove his death date, I am leaving it with no death date. 
Overman, Elijah (I3819)
13082 There is an Irene Hill, 16 years old living within the household of John Baird's in 1870 along with 2 others. Clinton and John W Baird. Clinton and John were both born in Illinois. Clinton is 3 and John is 2 in 1870. Who these people are is unknown at this time. Most assuredly, Clinton and John are most likely grandchildren from one of the boys. Further research is required. There is also Thomas Hall, Simon Whyde, and Samuel Freeman within the household. There is a Silas Baird living within the household in 1860. He is listed as being 18 years old at the time and being born in 1842 in Wabash County, Illinois. He is not their child as he is not listed in the 1850 Census with them

The 1850 & 1860 Census has John being born in 1804

Alberta Daniels Withrow created the memorial for John on November 12, 2005. She has him listed as John Washington. I have not seen any documentation to prove this so i am leaving it as John W. The death is proved by The Illinois Statewide Death Index, Pre-1916 so I am sure the birth and death dates are correct as the Death Index does state January 18, 1883. According to the memorial he is also the son of Adam Baird and Rebecca Moore. How true this is, is unknown. 
Baird, John W. (I1118)
13083 There is more than one county for Mount Zion, Kentucky. Crain, Mima Farris (I9933)
13084 There is no documented proof that Eleanor was born in Clinton County, Ohio nor is there proof of her birth and death dates or where. All that shows that is the tombstone and imagine that was done after the fact so the information could be what someone thought and not what is an actual date with proof. Hinshaw, Eleanor (I13471)
13085 There is no documented proof that Jesse was born in Virginia nor is there proof of his birth and death dates or where. All that shows that is the tombstone and imagine that was done after the fact so the information could be what someone thought and not what is an actual date with proof. Holloway, Jesse (I13463)
13086 There is no photo of the tombstone on However, I have submitted a request for one. All dates are unproven for the site, however the dates do match what is on here death certificate. Arnett, Thurza (I21805)
13087 There was no such thing as birth and death records back in 1861 except very sporadically, in a family bible, or something like that. It is assumed that he was born and died in Indiana as he was buried there as was his mother, Emily.
Leach, John W. (I24322)
13088 This child Elizabeth was born in Iowa. It make me think that maybe David, her father was married 3 times instead. David and Emma was married in Ohio. Back in this time frame it wasn't as easy to travel as it is now. So how did they travel back and forth like that? It makes me think that this child is not Emma's but will leave it here for now. They also have her listed in the household of her grandfather Jacob in 1880. In the household of Jacob she is listed as being born in Ohio and in the household with Dad they have her listed as being born in Iowa. I'm more inclined to believe the Ohio than Iowa. In the household with her grandfather she is listed as being 6 years old which makes her being born in 1874 and 1875 in the household with her father. Rust, Elizabeth B. (I21026)
13089 This child is listed as female in the 1870 Census but as a male in the 1880 Census. The 1870 Census lists Ennis being born in Feb 1870 and in the 1900 he is listed as being born November 1869 Eberhart, Ennis (I23604)
13090 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I22705)
13091 This child is no where to be found after the 1850 Census. I am unable to locate the family in 1860 so it is possible that she was still living at that time. I have been unable to find a marriage record for her at all. Moran, Martha E. (I24548)
13092 This child was found on find a grave. How true this is is unknown due to the fact that the tombstone is almost unreadable due to age. Eberhart, Elmira (I23635)
13093 This child was listed in the 1860 census has a male and with the name of Levi. In the 1870 Census Liva is listed as being born in 1851 Cruzan, Liva (I23987)
13094 This family is indexed as Raoff in Family Search in 1860. Rouff, John P. (I10066)
13095 This young lady is indexed as Lucy A. I, however, read it as Lacy. McCormick, Lacy A. (I13978)
13096 Thomas & Nancy have a child by the name of Martha Garner who was bor n in 1862 living with them in 1870 in Fairmount, Indiana. Duling, Thomas D. (I2849)
13097 Thomas & Nancy have a child by the name of Martha Garner who was born in 1862 living with them in 1870 in Fairmount, Indiana. Duling, Thomas D. (I2849)
13098 Thomas actually died in Stoops, Kentucky which is a township or precinct inside of Mount Sterling, Kentucky Carr, Thomas Jefferson (I6540)
13099 Thomas and Rebecca have a niece living with them in 1880. She most likely is the daughter of a brother of Rebecca's because of her last name. Her name is Wilmetta B Jones and born @1865 in Indiana.

Birth: Apr. 7, 1823 Clinton County Ohio, USA Death: Jun. 10, 1904
From"Biographical Memoirs of Wells County, Indiana," 1903, pp. 117-11 8 .
THOMAS C. CLOUD. Thomas C. Cloud first saw the light April 7, 1823, in Clinton county, Ohio. He is the son of Joseph and Nancy Cloud, natives of Pennsylvania, the former a son of Thomas Cloud. Joseph and Nancy Cloud, after their marriage, settled in Clinton county, Ohio. He was a stone dresser and mason and worked in Cincinnati, Ohio, when it gave but small promise of the populous city of today. They moved from Ohio to Rush county, Indiana, about 1828, and were there for about two years, when Joseph died, leaving a widow and nine children: Betsie, deceased; Peggie, deceased; John F ., deceased; Sallie, deceased, was the wife of William Duckwall; Prudie, now a resident of Ohio; Thomas; Pricilla, a resident of Frankfort, Indiana; Keziah, deceased, and Nancy , now a resident of Warren, this state. After the death of her husband Nancy Cloud removed her family to Grant county,Indiana, about the year 1841 her son, Thomas, who now acted as head of the family, having previously gone there and helped to build a cabin. They were there about thirteen years when they sold their place for five hundred dollars and came to Wells county and bought the farm where Thomas now lives, paying the same amount for forty acres of land on which there had neve r been an ax. This made it necessary to rent land on the river front u ntil they could get some cleared. During the first three years Thoma s Cloud cleared thirty acres and attended to his crops besides. He fin ally cleared up ninety acres on the farm, which had grown to a hundre d and twenty acres. February 20,1850, Thomas Cloud was married to Rebe cca A. Jones, a daughter of Daniel and Susie Jones, natives of Pennsyl vania. Thomas and Rebecca A. Cloud are the parents of seven children , three of whom are yet living: Isaac, born January 20!, 1851, died Ju ly 8, 1874; Sarah D., born February 19, 1852 married John E . Dillman , December 30, 1877; they are now keeping house for the wife's fathe r . John Dillman is the father of nine children, seven of whom are sti ll living, Charlie, deceased, Homer, Josie, Mary, George, deceased, Al meda, Thomas, Vergie and Hazel. Susan, the third child of Thomas and R ebecca Cloud,was born June 13, 1854, is the wife of Eli Rea, of McNatt s , Indiana,and they are the parents of one child, Nellie A. Nancy wa s born August 8, 1856, is the wife of Calvin Alspach and the mother o f seven chil dren: Laura, Daniel, Amos, Charlie, Clinton, Lucy and Geo rge, deceased. Daniel W. was born May 15, 1858, and died October 7, 18 73, Delilah J. was born September 12, 1860, and died May 25, 1864; Jos eph L. was born March 23, 1864, died October 8, 1888, his death bein g caused by a fall from a horse; he married Rosa Minnich and a daughte r, Josie, was born after his death. The subject has worked at the car penter's trade at times, but has devoted most of his life to farming , though he has not done active farm work for eleven years. He has als o been a general stock raiser, rather preferring hogs as a specialty . Rebecca A. Cloud, his wife, died January 1, 1900, and in the fall o f 1902 his daughter, Sarah Dillman, moved into his home to care for he r father in his old age. In the spring of 1900 Mr. Cloud suffered a st roke of paralysis which confined him to his bed for sometime, but afte r a few weeks he was able to arise from his bed and able to walk abou t the yard of his home and other short distances. He and wife were con sistent members of the Methodist Protestant church and he loves the Ch ristian church. While he was in active life he always manifested a liv ely interest in everything which had for its object the promotion or a dvancement of the class to which he belonged. With this idea in view , he took an active part in the early Grange m!ovement in augurated b y the farmers of the country. In politics Mr. Cloud has always bee n a Democrat. In character, asexemplifiedin his life, Thomas C. Clou d has set an example which is worthy of all commendation, and the succ ess which has attended his labors and the estimation in which he is he ld in the closing years of a long and well spent life should prove a n incentive to the youth of the land. Forced by the death of his fathe r to assume the responsibilities of life at an early age, he proved hi mself a strong reed, upon which his widowed mother with her large an d fatherless family were able to lean. With filial care devoting himse lf to the general welfare of the family, he thus laid the foundation o f his own fortunes and assured himself of a competency for his own ol d age. The success which has crowned the labors and life of Father Clo ud proves that environment and conditions rise; but in acting well you r part, therein the honor lies." Source: Find A 
Cloud, Thomas Carson (I3772)
13100 Thomas is listed as being born in 1846 in the 1860 Census Arnold, Thomas (I8696)

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