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Kentucky, United States 
Family: George S. McKee / Eda Ferguson (F5188)
Kentucky, United States 
Family: Charles Paul, Sr. / Mary Ann Campbell (F5313)
Kentucky, United States 
Family: James Robert Emmons / Anna Hester Harmon (F5347)
Kentucky, United States 
Family: Matthew Dillon / Nancy Jane (F5461)
Kentucky, United States 
Family: Samuel Thomas Cameron / Myrtie T. Moran (F5486)
Kentucky, United States 
Family: Charles Wilson / Sarah B Daugherty (F5663)
Kentucky, United States 
Family: Anson Leland Gates / Margaret D. (F5678)
Kentucky, United States 
Family: Charles Taylor Vice / Ara (F5720)
Kentucky, United States 
Family: John A. Vice / Ruth Gray (F6216)
60 d States Kelsay, Joseph (I7970)
61 d States Cooper, Edith (I9198)
62 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I18479)
63 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I16616)
64 (Medical):




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See attached sources. 
Jackson, Fannie (I6274)
65 (Medical):Also had Hypertension and Cornary Artery Disease that had nothing to do with his death Shoptaw, Lloyd Franklin (I8866)
66 (Research):1. The Peru Republican of 14 September 1934 has the following obituary :

Mrs. W. W. Shook Funeral services for Mrs. Rachiel Shook, wife of W.W. Shook, of Bunker Hill, who died Saturday morning from a stroke of apoplexy, were conducted from the Baptist Church of Bunker Hill of which the deceased was a member, at 2 o'clock Monday with Rev Louis Bean officiating. Burial was in Springdale Cemetery, near Bunker Hill . Mrs. Shook was born April 18 1872, near Fairmount in Grant county, and was 62 years of age at the time of death. She was a daughter of William and Sarah Houston. She was married March 24, 1896 to Mr.Shook of Tipton county. Survivors are the husband; two daughters, Mrs. Hazel Arthur of Fulton and Mrs. Carrie Mathias of Indianapolis; two sisters, Mrs. Margaret Howe, of Marion, and Miss Eva Houston, of Tipton, and eight grandchildren, a son died August 27, 1924.

2. In the same paper the following community notes is as follows: The community received quite a shock Saturday morning when Mrs. W. W. Shook was struck with apoplexy while assisting Mrs. A.H. Duge with the house work. She had almost finished waxing the stairway when she fell against the wall and was dead when Mrs. Duge came up from the basement, Mrs. Shook was an active and faithful Christian, and had been a member of the Baptist church a number of years. Funeral services were held Monday afternoon with Rev. Louis Bean in charge. Burial in Springdale Cemetery.

Huston, Rachel A. (I8162)
67 (Research):1824, 1835 Ohio Davis, Ama Ann (I8715)
68 (Research):1829, 1832 Ohio Creason, George Washington (I2161)
69 (Research):1831 in Indiana Craig, Hiram (I16152)
70 (Research):1838 in Indiana Craig, Caroline (I5976)
71 (Research):1840, 1841 in Indiana Craig, George (I4305)
72 (Research):1841 in Indiana Craig, Thomas (I7127)
73 (Research):1857 Creason, Nancy A. (I10649)
74 (Research):1857 Creason, Harvilla (I11013)
75 (Research):1861 Creason, Levi S. (I12024)
76 (Research):1863 indiana Creason, Charity A. (I2159)
77 (Research):1881 Miller, Amanda Jane "Manda" "Mandy" (I22417)
78 (Research):




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Hatfield, Ethel Mary (I189)
79 (Research):According to Catherine and Christian's daughter Dallas Ann Schultz' s death certificate Catherine was born in Missouri and not Kentucky. The 1860 census record states Kentucky though. Pitts, Catherine (I15905)
80 (Research):According to David's death certificate, he was single at the time he died, so it is assumed that he never married. Jackson, David A (I17591)
81 (Research):According to, Alfred was born on June 10, 1810 in Fleming County, Kentucky and died on November 27, 1865 in FlemingbCounty, Kentucky. It also states that his father is William Markwell and his mother is Sarah Alexander. Further research is definitely required to see if these are actually his parents. I have requested a photo of his tombstone to see if it states his birth and death dates on his tombstone . Otherwise, further research is required to see if these dates are correct.
The tombstone has been provided and it does state the dates previously recorded on find a grave.

The 1860 Census has Alfred being born in 1809. 
Markwell, Alfred (I3916)
82 (Research):According to Hazel Pauline's marriage record to William Richard Harris, she was married twice before. I have been able to locate the marriage information to Leroy and William but have been unable to locate the other one as of yet. She married Leroy in 1916 and then in 1935 she married William. In the 1930 census Pauline is listed with the last name of Depoy. Rust, Hazel Pauline (I12243)
83 (Research):According to Henry's death certificate, it was single at the time that he died, so it is assumed that he never married. Jackson, Henry Clay (I9818)
84 (Research):According to Melvin's birth certificate, it states that there was three former miscarriages. Bryant, Orpha Hester (I485)
85 (Research):According to Ottis's death certificate he is single when he died, so it is assumed that he never married. Kearns, Ottis Nelson (I11291)
86 (Research):According to Simpson's son Charles's death certificate, Simpson, Elizabeth, and Charles were born in Indiana. According to census records they were born in Kentucky. It is possible that when the census was taken someone just automatically assumed that they were born in Kentucky. On Tulley's death certificate, Charles's son, Charles was born in Kentucky. Until I can find another document stating one more time which one I will keep both since both have been stated. Vise, Simpson (I7021)
87 (Research):According to Stephen Lawson, Lucy's middle name is Jane. Taylor, Lucy J. (I11170)
88 (Research):According to the 1870 census, Orvill cannot read or write a t t he age of 16, his age at the time the 1870 census was done. Leforge, Orvill (I5444)
89 (Research):According to the 1880 U.S. Federal Census, Sarah "Sallie" Strahan's father was born in Pennsylvania and her mother was born in Virginia. Strahan, Sarah Ann (I16858)
90 (Research):According to the 1900 census, Ira never had any descendants. Ingram, Ira Belle (I18529)
91 (Research):According to the 1900 Census, it is stated that Sallie is only the mother of 4 children, with 4 living. However, James Arch Planck states his mother as Sallie Hull. With the date of marriage I tend to agree with this. IF anyone has proof that this is not the case, do not hesitate to contact me. Hull, Sarah F. (I15380)
92 (Research):According to the 1910 Census, Dollie is the mother of 4 children, with 3 living. Mullins, Dollie (I391)
93 (Research):According to the 1910 Census, Victoria is the mother of 8 children with 6 living. There are 5 living in the household in 1910. The 1910 census states that Victoria's parents were born in France Parnin, Victoria (I165)
94 (Research):According to the 1920 Census, Bessie is the adopted daughter of Benjamin and Stella (Fawns) Kissick. Purvis, Bessie J. (I5507)
95 (Research):According to the 1920 census, Cora is an adopted daughter. Shoemaker, Cora Lee (I11064)
96 (Research):According to the file I got from Roger Johnston, John and Louisa had a child between James and Robert. His name is Charles Northcutt Clay Dalrymple. However, in my research of the census I do not find him listed with John and Louisa. If Charles was their child I would imagine that since he was born in 1863 he would be listed with them in 1870, which he is not. I have been unable to locate John and Louisa in 1880. They are both still living at this time or at least John is for sure because John is living with his daughter Susan in 1900. If anyone can show me that Charles is actually their son, I will re-attach him as a child. However , Roger states he was born in Bass County, Kentucky. Hopkins, Louisa (I10971)
97 (Research):According to the Henry Saunders website Ivella M Saunders was born on April 12, 1812 and died on April 22, 1884 and that she is buried in the Peck Cemetery in Fleming County Kentucky. Further research is required to prove this. Saunders, Ivela M. (I7760)
98 (Research):According to the Holloway from the files of Stephen Lawson, Lucy Holloway Taylor was born on December 1, 1802 in Clark County, Kentucky and that she died on August 27, 1864 in Scott County, Illinois and is buried in the Taylor Cemetery in Winchester, Scott County, Illinois. Further research is required to see if this information is correct , so I am putting the information here so that I stll have it, just in case it i s true. Holloway, Lucy (I20317)
99 (Research):According to the Holloway, from the files of Stephen Lawson on Page 5, Addison was born October 12, 1802 and died February 17, 1872. He also states that he was buried at Hazelrigg Burial Plot, Pike County, Illinois . Further research is required to ascertain whether this is true or not. Putting the information here in the notes, so that I still have the information, just in case it is true. Taylor, Addison (I3744)
100 (Research):According to William Henry Hueston's marriage record to Miranda Lay Rhoades, Elizabeth was born in Switzerland County, Indiana. However, all other records indicate she was born in Kentucky. Shafer, Elizabeth Jane (I12526)

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