James Johnston

Male 1749 - 1829  (~ 80 years)

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  • Name James Johnston 
    Born May 1749  Dumfries, Scotland Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died Oct 1829  Fleming County, Kentucky, United States Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • Age:80
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    Family Margaret Keith 
    Married Jan 1781  Fauquier County, Virginia, United States Find all individuals with events at this location 
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     1. John Johnstone,   b. Aft 1781,   d. Yes, date unknown
     2. William Bryant Johnstone, Doctor,   b. 12 Nov 1786, Virginia, United States Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Aft 1860, Kentucky, United States Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 74 years)
     3. Curdrilla Johnson,   b. Abt 1796,   d. Yes, date unknown
     4. Mary Johnston
     5. James Johnstone
     6. Elizabeth K Johnstone,   d. Bef 5 Aug 1830, Fleming County, Kentucky, United States Find all individuals with events at this location
     7. Daniel Johnston
     8. Orasmus Johnstone
     9. Samuel Johnstone
     10. Margaret Johnstone
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  • Notes 
    • Was supposedly Lt. in the British Army, possibly under Gen.Burgoyne.Fo ught at Battle of Saratoga ( Oct 1777), captured and waspardoned to Virginia where he became a convertt o the American cause.Resigned his British officers commission. Was ami nister to thepatriots at the Battle of Yorktown. per DARapplication of granddaughter Elizabeth Bryant Johnston. Following is a compilation ofan application to the DAR by ElizabethBry ant Johnston, granddaughterof James Johnston: Daughters of the American Revolution Record CopyNo. 5098 Name of Applicant: Elizabeth Bryant Johnston Descendant of:Reverand Lewis Craig and Rev. James Johnston Examined and Approved:May 3, 1894 by Agnes M. Burnett Accepted by the National Board ofManagement: May 4, 1894 by Mary C. Gaievett (sp) Notification ofElection: May 15, 1894 Badge Issued by Registrar General: Mary E.TuMann November 10th, 1894 Deceased January 13, 1907 Application forMembership I, (blank) being of the age of eighteen years and upwards,herebyapply f or membership in this Society by right of lineal descentin thefollowin g line from Reverand Lewis Craig who was born in OrangeCo.,Virginia in 1 740 and died in Mason Co., Kentucky in 1825. I wasbornin the town of M inerva County of Mason state of Kentucky I amthedaughter of Dr. Willi am Bryant Johnston and Asenath Craig, hiswifeand granddaughter of John C raig and Catherine Pattie, his wifeandgreat granddaughter of Reverand L ewis Craig and Elizabeth Sandershiswife, and he, said Reverand Lewis C raig is the ancestor whoassistedin establishing American Independence, w hile acting in thecapacity ofBaptist preacher and suffered reproach an d imprisonmentfor hispatriotic resistance to law restricting liberty a nd conscienceand waspastor and leader of The Traveling Church in which m igratedtoKentucky in 1781. Nominated and recommended by the undersigned, amember of the society: Mary Desha Commanding Secretary General EllaLoraine Dorsey Vice President General Signed by: Elizabeth BryantJohnston Residence: 1320 Florida Avenue, Washington DC Ancestry'sService My Ancestor's services in assisting in the establishment ofAmericanInd ependence during the War of the Revolution were asfollows: (her statement) Washington spoke of the Baptists of Virginiaof whom the ReverandLewis C raig was the leader and advisor, as theFrim Friends of civilliberty, a nd the perservering promotors of ourglorious revolution. -Spark's Maki ng Am., p 155-Vol XII. My greatgrandfather, Capt James Pattie, rendereds ervice, and was amont thebrave frontiersman who gave such efficientaid i n the Revolutionarywar; but owing to the destruction of Virginiarecord s, his servicecannot be here accurately stated. Of mygrandfather, Lie ut JamesJohnston, I can only give family tradition inthe form of a sta tementleft by my father Dr. W.B. Johnston. "Lieut.James Johnston was b ornin Dumfries, Scotland in May 1749 and died inFleming Co., Kentucky i nOct., 1829. He was a Lieut. In the Britisharmy, and was captured at the surrender of Burgoyne, at Saratoga. GenlMorgan sent these paroledpr isoners to Virginia, where Lieut Johnstonbecame a convert to theAmeric an cause. He often told me, that when hecame to America, hisheart was f illed with vindictive ire against theAmericans and theAmerican cause. V iewing them as lawless rebels,opposed, as heconcieved, against the bes t government on earth. Butafter thesurrender of Burgoyne, he had an op portunity of viewing thechartersthat were given to the several colonie s, and for what theywerecontending, he was thoroughly and satisfactori ly convinced theywereengaged in just war, and often said to me 'My son , if I hadfallen inthat contest, it might have been justly said of me, a s Davidsaid ofAbner, - "Die, Abner, as a fool dieth", so blind was I t o thenatureof the contest'. From that time, he was a warm and ardentfr iend ofthe colonies, and refused to return to the British army - bywhi ch helost upwards of a hundred guineas - arrears of pay due to himat t hesurrender of Burgoyne. My father was married in Jan 1781 toMargaret Keith, daughter of John Keith of Fauquier Co., Va and of MaryBolling,of t he Bolling house of the family of Thomas Rolfe, whomarried QueenPocaho ntas - and was the fifth in descent from her." The followingis a memorandum of the authority for the abovestatement: SparksWashington - p 155, Vol XII The Traveling Church - pages 8, 9, 10 and11. Letter saying my father was there the day his father returned fromthes iege of Yorktown. Signed: Elizabeth Bryant Johnston NotesStatement of Dr. W.B. Johnston above is purportedly made by hisfather,J ames Johnston, and recounts his accounts of the Revolutionary Warand of his marriage to MargaretKeith. A lso, the statement made byElizabeth Johnston as to MargaretKeith being d escended fromPocahontas has not been verified as of thisdate. Any info rmation asto its validity would be appreciated. Will of James Johnston DEEDBOOK Q - FLEMING COUNTY, KENTUCKY DTD 5th of August, 1830At a courtheld for Fleming County on the 5th of August, 1830. This certificateof election of Trustees for the Town of Flemingsburgwa s produced inCourt ecumenical and ordered to be recorded which is done. att JoshuaStackler, clk. This indenture, made this 5th day of August in the year1830, betweenWi lliam H. Taylor, James H. Jones and Landaff W. Andrewscommissioner appointed by the county court ofFleming C ounty of theone part and William Anderson of the other partwitness tha t JamesJohnson in his life time executed his land toWilliam Grants for t heconveyance of 143 1/2 acres of land in FlemingCounty dated Oct 7th, 1826 and which said bond was 22nd August 1827.Assigned by said Grant tos aid William Anderson and the County Courtbeing satisfied that thepurch ase money for said land has beendischarged have appointed thesaid Tayl or Jones and Andrews asCommissioners to convey said land forand on beh alf of the heirs ofsaid James Johnson deceased, and inconsideration of t he promises thesaid William H. Taylor and James H.Jones and Landaff W. A ndrews forand on behalf of Cyrus Saunders andMary his wife, late Mary J ohnston,Samuel Johnston, Orsanus Johnston,James Johnston, William John ston,Margarete Dalyrimple, HannahDalyrimple, William Dalyrimple, Danie lDalyrimple, John Dalyrimple,children and heirs of CindrellaDalrymple, d ec'd (deceased) lateCindrelea Johnston and Mary AnnSnyder, George Snyd er, Eliza Snyderand Margaret Snyder children andheirs of Elizabeth Sny der dec'd lateElizabeth Johnston dec'd herebygrants, bargains, sells a nd conveysunto the said William Anderson hisheirs and forever the foll owingdescribed tract of land situated inFleming County on the waters o fLicking, containing 143 acres of landand bounded as follows, to wit: Beginning at a white oak and blackwalnut hence East 143 poles to 3dogwo ods thence south 60 poles to twosmall beaches and a hickorythence west 1 43 poles to two beaches andas also thence North 160poles to the beginn ing. To have and to holdthe said tract of land andpromises unto the sa id William Anderson hisheirs forever and the saidCommissioners for and o n behalf of saidJohnston heirs hereby warrantand will forever defend s aid land andpromises against the claims ofall persons claiming by thou ght orunder said Johnston but no otherwhatever. In testimony whereby the said William H. Taylor, James H.Jones andL.W. A nderson have hereunto set their hands and seals thedate first herein written. L.W. Andrews (seal) James H. Jones (seal)W. H. Taylor (seal) August 5, 1930, Fleming, Ky As Deputy Clerk ofthe Fleming County Court I certify that theforegoing d eed fromcommissioners L.W. Andrews, J.H. Jones and William H. Taylor toWilliam Anderson was thisd ay produced before me and acknowledged bythe said Commissioners to betheir act and deed andthe s ame is dulyrecorded in my office. G. M. Stockton DC JOHNSTON WILL VOL. D-E, JUN1827-FEB 1837, FLEMING COUNTY, KENTUCKY WILLS Be it remembered that onthis the seventh day of May in the year ofour l ord 1829 thisindenture and bargain was made and entered into between JamesJohnston, Gent of Fleming Countyof t he one part and Moses Dalyrimpleof the other part sayeth that thesaid J ohnston being in a weak andhelpless state of body not able totake care o f hisself doth herebyagree to and with said Dalrymple totake care of r ovide for and treathim in a human manner and furnishhim with all the n ecessaries of lifesuch as meat, drink, lodging,wearing apparel nursing a nd attention asfar as is reasonable andright and this said Dalyrimple d oth herebycovenant and agree todoand perform all these said terms and afterward to and for the saidJohnston or procure it to done for him andf or and during his naturallife and the said alyrimple to have areasonab le compensation for histrouble and attention out of the moneywhich is c oming to me the saidJohnston from William Anderson for theland and pro mises which hepurchased of James Johnston the notes forwhich is deposi ted in thehands of John Debell. The notes into showfor there being fou r innumber to be paid annually the amt they callfor isabout $60.-- The first comes due the 10th of March next. Thiscompensation to saidDalyri mple is to be fine and stated anddetermined as to the amt bytwo disint erested men chosen by the saidDalyrimple on his part andthe other man t o be chosen by John Debellas agent for the saidJohnston and if they ca n't agree they are tocall in an umpire. Thefirst annual instalment of t he compensation isto come due in one yearor twelve months from this da te and it is mywill and wish that ifthere should be any overpay after m decease andpaying all demandsdebts against me said Johnston that I d o herebygive and bequeath thewhole all to even species of property cla ims andor interest of everydescription I may have or own or be entitle d toin any way unto thesaid Moses Dalyrimple his heirs and as a compensation to him for pastservices to me and my family in testimonywhereof t he parties havehereunto subscribed their names this day anddate first w ritten inpresence of his Trumain Day James x Johnston(seal) David Hopkins mark James Hopkins Moses Dalrymple (seal) I JohnDebell do hereby acknowledge that I have the notes referred toin t heforegoing which I obligate my self to and count for when called uponas they may become due or I cancollec t them but not be accountable ifI can not collect them or anypart ther eof. Witness my hand this 7thday of May, 1829. Also twonotes on Samue l Johnson for twenty fivedollars each due to same onthe 25th of Decemb er 1829 the first. Theother due 25th December,1830. I am to account fo r as above at a courtheld for Fleming Countyon the _____ (signed) John D ebell, 2nd Nov1829. This meeting purporting to be the last will and testament ofJamesJohns ton, dec'd produced in court proven by the oaths of TrumainDay and David Hopkins and ordered to be recordedwh ich is done. AttJushua Stockton, clerk Source: James Johnston(e).pdf Author:RogerJonston Received in an Email in May 2007
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