Kentucky, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Della S.  Aug 1881Kentucky, United States I21284
2 Julia  1884Kentucky, United States I13303
3 Lydia  1814Kentucky, United States I21285
4 Sarah B.  1888Kentucky, United States I21291
5 Arnold, Harry  1885Kentucky, United States I16408
6 Baldwin, Emma C.  Dec 1860Kentucky, United States I5000
7 Barnes, Charles P.  1845Kentucky, United States I21281
8 Barnes, Eliza Jane  1849Kentucky, United States I21282
9 Barnes, Henrietta Kate  Jun 1839Kentucky, United States I7977
10 Barnes, James W.  1842Kentucky, United States I21280
11 Barnes, Lucinda  1838Kentucky, United States I21286
12 Barnes, Margaret  1850Kentucky, United States I21283
13 Barnes, Porter  1811Kentucky, United States I21279
14 Beavis, Eva  Aug 1899Kentucky, United States I21226
15 Bishop, Steven Dale  23 Feb 1951Kentucky, United States I21236
16 Bryant, Carrie E.  1887Kentucky, United States I3007
17 Burres, Drusilla  1806Kentucky, United States I11171
18 Carpenter, Alice  1863Kentucky, United States I13792
19 Carpenter, Ann E.  1833Kentucky, United States I13781
20 Carpenter, Carl  1908Kentucky, United States I21292
21 Carpenter, Charles Owen  12 Nov 1854Kentucky, United States I11276
22 Carpenter, Clarence  1910Kentucky, United States I13258
23 Carpenter, Daniel O. R.  Jul 1881Kentucky, United States I2923
24 Carpenter, Darcus A.  1869Kentucky, United States I9892
25 Carpenter, Drusilla  1847Kentucky, United States I3074
26 Carpenter, Frank P.  1867Kentucky, United States I11168
27 Carpenter, Jesse  1844Kentucky, United States I3081
28 Carpenter, John R.  1865Kentucky, United States I11169
29 Carpenter, Judith  Feb 1860Kentucky, United States I11278
30 Carpenter, Lillian  1907Kentucky, United States I13247
31 Carpenter, Lizzie Z.  1876Kentucky, United States I2928
32 Carpenter, Lucinda  1858Kentucky, United States I11275
33 Carpenter, Martha E.  1837Kentucky, United States I3078
34 Carpenter, Richard  1841Kentucky, United States I3077
35 Carpenter, Richard R.  1808Kentucky, United States I11172
36 Carpenter, Robert M.  Feb 1878Kentucky, United States I14464
37 Carpenter, Rola S.  Sep 1883Kentucky, United States I2931
38 Carpenter, William G.  1878Kentucky, United States I2921
39 Carpenter, William M.  18 Jun 1834Kentucky, United States I12882
40 Carr, Eliza  1813Kentucky, United States I17600
41 Carr, Elizabeth D.  9 May 1887Kentucky, United States I5838
42 Carr, Francis Dean Sr.  14 Jan 1892Kentucky, United States I5841
43 Carr, Francis Jones  28 Dec 1884Kentucky, United States I5833
44 Carr, Maranda  1849Kentucky, United States I21300
45 Carr, Mary J.  1841Kentucky, United States I21298
46 Carr, Milford M.  1872Kentucky, United States I21301
47 Carr, Samuel  1843Kentucky, United States I21299
48 Carr, Thomas H.  Mar 1889Kentucky, United States I5835
49 Carr, William  1839Kentucky, United States I21297
50 Carr, William S.  28 Sep 1866Kentucky, United States I6547

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Harmon, Ambrose  1850-1860Kentucky, United States I600

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Eliza Jane  1848Kentucky, United States I21282
2 Barnes, Henrietta Kate  1840Kentucky, United States I7977
3 Barnes, Margaret  1852Kentucky, United States I21283
4 Cannon, Rebecca  1830Kentucky, United States I14619
5 Cannon, Rebecca  1832Kentucky, United States I14619
6 Cannon, Rebecca  1833Kentucky, United States I14619
7 Carpenter, Charles Owen  1855Kentucky, United States I11276
8 Carpenter, Charles Owen  1856Kentucky, United States I11276
9 Carpenter, Clarence Newton  1890Kentucky, United States I2927
10 Carpenter, Daniel O. R.  1882Kentucky, United States I2923
11 Carpenter, Darcus A.  1870Kentucky, United States I9892
12 Carpenter, John R.  1866Kentucky, United States I11169
13 Carpenter, Judith  1861Kentucky, United States I11278
14 Carpenter, Lucinda  1859Kentucky, United States I11275
15 Carpenter, Otie C.  1876Kentucky, United States I11273
16 Carpenter, Richard  1842Kentucky, United States I3077
17 Carpenter, Richard J.  1857Kentucky, United States I13827
18 Carpenter, Richard R.  1807Kentucky, United States I11172
19 Carpenter, Rola S.  1884Kentucky, United States I2931
20 Carpenter, William M.  Jun 1835Kentucky, United States I12882
21 Carpenter, William M.  1836Kentucky, United States I12882
22 Carr, Eliza  1811Kentucky, United States I17600
23 Carr, Elizabeth D.  1888Kentucky, United States I5838
24 Carr, Francis Jones  1866Kentucky, United States I5833
25 Carr, Francis Jones  1885Kentucky, United States I5833
26 Carr, Mary Lou  1878Kentucky, United States I5832
27 Carr, Thomas Jefferson  1846Kentucky, United States I6540
28 Carr, William S.  1867Kentucky, United States I6547
29 Cartmill, Ellen Fenton  1850Kentucky, United States I6545
30 Cartmill, Ellen Fenton  1851Kentucky, United States I6545
31 Cartmill, Mary  1842Kentucky, United States I21307
32 Cartmill, Susan  1840Kentucky, United States I21306
33 Cartmill, Susan  1841Kentucky, United States I21306
34 Chadwick, Lydia Ann  1809Kentucky, United States I3750
35 Dalrymple, Daniel  1826Kentucky, United States I1597
36 Dalrymple, Daniel  1827Kentucky, United States I1597
37 Dalrymple, Elizabeth M.  1855Kentucky, United States I13361
38 Dalrymple, Elizabeth M.  1856Kentucky, United States I13361
39 Dalrymple, Hannah J.  1858Kentucky, United States I15318
40 Dalrymple, Hannah J.  1864Kentucky, United States I15318
41 Dalrymple, John M.  1847Kentucky, United States I15323
42 Dalrymple, Joseph A.  1849Kentucky, United States I10201
43 Dalrymple, Mary V.  Oct 1859Kentucky, United States I15316
44 Dalrymple, Mary V.  1860Kentucky, United States I15316
45 Dalrymple, Matilda C.  1853Kentucky, United States I14917
46 Dalrymple, Matilda C.  1854Kentucky, United States I14917
47 Dalrymple, Thomas W.  1862Kentucky, United States I15315
48 Dillion, Jane Ann  1849Kentucky, United States I12626
49 Dillion, Jane Ann  1850Kentucky, United States I12626
50 Edwards, Deanie  1897Kentucky, United States I21225

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