Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ballentyne, Richard Stewart  25 Dec 1881Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I16948
2 Beus, Clarinda Cynthia  21 Sep 1876Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I1604
3 Beus, Cora Catherine  12 Mar 1888Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I9408
4 Beus, George Washington  11 Jul 1871Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I10093
5 Beus, Joseph  23 Mar 1868Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I14819
6 Beus, Joseph Paul  13 Dec 1886Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I10255
7 Beus, Julia Harriet  26 Jan 1896Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I9496
8 Beus, Mary Ann  Jul 1874Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I931
9 Beus, Zina Magdalene  25 Dec 1893Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I2526
10 Byrne, Alice  18 Oct 1859Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I76
11 Byrne, John Phillip  Mar 1857Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I6118
12 Byrne, Joseph Walter  26 Aug 1855Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I7850
13 Cardon, Anna  14 Feb 1858Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I19220
14 Cardon, Anna H.  23 Jan 1861Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I18538
15 Cardon, John David  5 Aug 1859Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I6317
16 Cardon, John Herman  21 Sep 1864Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I19105
17 Cardon, Joseph Samuel  9 Jan 1858Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I17241
18 Cardon, Mary  7 Dec 1859Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I15115
19 Cardon, Olga Mary  8 Oct 1868Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I19309
20 Cardon, Phillip  29 Jan 1858Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I15215
21 Cardon, Susette Sophia  19 Apr 1863Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I6393
22 Clegg, Frank Emmett  15 Oct 1916Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I14161
23 Cliften, June Louise  31 Aug 1931Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I2567
24 Drumiler, Charles Lorraine  1 Dec 1890Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I1173
25 Drumiler, Loran  1891Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I13294
26 Farr, Isaac Farewell  23 May 1860Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I13846
27 Farr, Orlaf  31 Mar 1894Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I13617
28 Farr, Thomas Walter  22 Jan 1887Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I13710
29 Keyes, George Alma  14 Aug 1872Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I972
30 Shaw, Ariel Ruben  10 Jun 1884Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I11586
31 Shaw, Austin Herman  9 Apr 1884Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I946
32 Shaw, Bertha Mary  23 Jun 1890Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I1001
33 Shaw, Bertha Mary  23 Jan 1896Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I1055
34 Shaw, David John  28 Jan 1890Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I19408
35 Shaw, David Myrtillo  6 Nov 1881Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I4576
36 Shaw, Hermina Nettie  28 Jul 1887Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I13250
37 Shaw, Joseph Daniel  15 Jan 1888Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I6292
38 Shaw, Lester Moses  12 Oct 1894Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I1490
39 Shaw, Lillian Orilla  12 Oct 1900Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I14050
40 Shaw, Lucy Leona  30 Jun 1900Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I19008
41 Shaw, Martha Lillie  23 Jun 1895Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I19049
42 Shaw, Mary Anna  2 Aug 1892Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I12240
43 Shaw, Myrtillo  29 Mar 1858Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I14113
44 Shaw, Rosina Pearl  21 Jun 1890Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I8279
45 Shaw, Rozina Diana  23 Jun 1882Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I6950
46 Shaw, William Alben  23 Feb 1880Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I6423
47 Shaw, William Dudley  15 May 1855Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I19112
48 Soderquist, Joseph Emil  19 Mar 1890Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I5677


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beus, Cora Catherine  29 Dec 1973Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I9408
2 Beus, Joseph Paul  6 Apr 1956Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I10255
3 Beus, Lydia Susan  20 Apr 1927Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I5504
4 Beus, Madelain  13 Jul 1977Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I7737
5 Beus, Magdalene  1 Mar 1944Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I5311
6 Beus, Michael  30 May 1888Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I9245
7 Beus, Zina Magdalene  23 Nov 1989Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I2526
8 Bingham, Joannah  5 Aug 1927Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I14938
9 Bingham, Rebecca Jane  8 Apr 1949Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I8940
10 Byrne, Alice  1 Jan 1931Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I76
11 Byrne, Henry Roosevelt  19 Jan 1979Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I7248
12 Byrne, Katie Bertha  26 Feb 1952Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I12804
13 Byrne, Lewis Phillip  7 Apr 1944Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I19015
14 Byrne, Walter Moses  13 Jul 1970Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I6126
15 Cardon, Anna H.  8 Sep 1947Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I18538
16 Cardon, George David  15 Jun 1954Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I9267
17 Cardon, Jean  20 Oct 1909Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I6217
18 Cardon, John David  6 Apr 1942Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I6317
19 Cardon, John Herman  28 Jul 1908Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I19105
20 Cardon, Olga Mary  3 Feb 1922Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I19309
21 Cliften, George Wanning  24 Feb 1932Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I14406
22 Combe, Marian  10 May 1910Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I14994
23 Drumiler, Charles Lorraine  18 Dec 1902Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I1173
24 Drumiler, Charles Reuben Rufus  15 Aug 1924Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I8356
25 Farr, Isaac Farewell  8 Mar 1935Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I13846
26 Fife, Sandford  8 Jun 1955Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I7727
27 Frew, John Thomas  6 Jul 1948Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I18636
28 Frew, William Amos  9 Sep 1910Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I11625
29 Furrer, Anna  25 Aug 1907Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I19352
30 Furrer, Catherine  21 Feb 1894Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I12960
31 Hinshaw, William Edwin  11 Feb 1951Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I12265
32 Keyes, George Alma  27 Dec 1942Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I972
33 Keyes, Robert David  28 May 1934Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I14595
34 Lathrope, Elizabeth Harriett  5 Mar 1930Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I7110
35 Nelson, Samuel Lewis  23 Jul 1943Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I9588
36 Rasmussen, George A.  13 Aug 1956Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I7988
37 Shaw, Austin Herman  21 Aug 1967Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I946
38 Shaw, Bertha Mary  19 Nov 1992Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I1055
39 Shaw, David Myrtillo  1 Mar 1967Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I4576
40 Shaw, Lester Moses  16 Dec 1894Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I1490
41 Shaw, Myrtillo  4 May 1942Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I14113
42 Shaw, Rozina Diana  14 Feb 1952Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I6950
43 Shaw, William Alben  11 Nov 1942Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I6423
44 Soderquist, Joseph Emil  14 Apr 1936Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I5677
45 Stewart, John Riley  21 Dec 1916Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I9328
46 Swindells, Frances Elizabeth  16 Jun 1944Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I9700


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cardon / Goudin  16 Mar 1857Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F5070
2 Cliften / Beus  9 Mar 1929Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F1174
3 Shaw / Cardon  29 Dec 1878Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F5604
4 Shaw / Cardon  25 Sep 1879Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F4884