Texas, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Cleo Willie  3 Jan 1910Texas, United States I4214
2 Barbee, Blanche M.  1908Texas, United States I13407
3 Barbee, Nina G.  1906Texas, United States I13408
4 Barkwell, Betty F.  1855Texas, United States I10558
5 Barkwell, John T.  1863Texas, United States I7130
6 Barkwell, Louisa F.  1865Texas, United States I7129
7 Barkwell, Mattie  1867Texas, United States I4835
8 Davis, David  Texas, United States I19319
9 Dozier, Nathan Henry  20 Apr 1906Texas, United States I4215
10 Herrington, Aralella  Abt 1876Texas, United States I791
11 Herrington, Birdie  Dec 1880Texas, United States I8445
12 Hight, James G.  Mar 1877Texas, United States I20190
13 Hight, James Webster  15 Jan 1902Texas, United States I16167
14 Kelsay, Laura Elizabeth  1907Texas, United States I1577
15 Kirkwood, William F  Abt 1863Texas, United States I8306
16 Lavinsky, Brian Scott  Texas, United States I6352
17 Lloyd, William  Abt 1884Texas, United States I14735
18 Price, Benjamin Angie  Sep 1875Texas, United States I14239
19 Saunders, George  31 May 1907Texas, United States I13016
20 Saunders, Malcolm  26 Feb 1910Texas, United States I13015
21 Tirey, Lula Etta  1883Texas, United States I1073
22 Toppin, Bertie M.  3 Feb 1887Texas, United States I223


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Crain, Frank  Aug 1941Texas, United States I3425