Kentucky, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Kentucky, United States I21104
2 Baldwin, Emma C.  Dec 1860Kentucky, United States I5000
3 Beavis, Eva  Aug 1899Kentucky, United States I21226
4 Dudgeon, Edward E.  1879Kentucky, United States I20997
5 Dudgeon, James H.  1819Kentucky, United States I19529
6 Dudgeon, John E.  1848Kentucky, United States I20161
7 Dudgeon, Peter F.  1846Kentucky, United States I19492
8 Dudgeon, Reson B.  1850Kentucky, United States I20160
9 Dudgeon, Susan C.  1860Kentucky, United States I16995
10 Dudgeon, William M.  1844Kentucky, United States I19504
11 Edwards, Deanie  Jul 1896Kentucky, United States I21225
12 Edwards, Mag  Jun 1886Kentucky, United States I21223
13 Edwards, Milly  Aug 1888Kentucky, United States I21224
14 Fish, John B.  Kentucky, United States I21103
15 Gardner, Anna Elizabeth  19 Sep 1852Kentucky, United States I8206
16 Gardner, Isaac  Kentucky, United States I2133
17 Goin, Mitchell  Kentucky, United States I21190
18 Grishaw, Madison  1819Kentucky, United States I2460
19 Heuston, George  1842Kentucky, United States I12519
20 Heuston, Mary Ann  1846Kentucky, United States I12517
21 Higgins, Lucinda  22 Nov 1823Kentucky, United States I67
22 Hueston, Annie E.  1869Kentucky, United States I11718
23 Hueston, George H.  Aug 1875Kentucky, United States I8166
24 Hueston, John L.  1866Kentucky, United States I11717
25 Hueston, Josephine  7 Jun 1864Kentucky, United States I11729
26 Hueston, Lula  Aug 1888Kentucky, United States I16360
27 Hueston, Mary E.  19 Aug 1885Kentucky, United States I12691
28 Hueston, Peter R.  5 Sep 1861Kentucky, United States I10713
29 Hueston, Rachael M.  1849Kentucky, United States I7985
30 Hueston, Thomas  13 Feb 1860Kentucky, United States I7974
31 Hueston, William H.  19 Aug 1844Kentucky, United States I7982
32 Hueston, Zetta  Jul 1890Kentucky, United States I13547
33 Huston, John F.  1857Kentucky, United States I14560
34 Huston, Moses G.  18 Nov 1854Kentucky, United States I7976
35 Long, Ellen  1805Kentucky, United States I20999
36 Shafer, Elizabeth Jane  15 Dec 1822Kentucky, United States I12526

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Edwards, Deanie  1897Kentucky, United States I21225
2 Gardner, Anna Elizabeth  Sep 1853Kentucky, United States I8206
3 Heuston, Mary Ann  1847Kentucky, United States I12517
4 Heuston, Mary Ann  1848Kentucky, United States I12517
5 Higgins, Lucinda  1824Kentucky, United States I67
6 Hueston, Annie E.  1868Kentucky, United States I11718
7 Hueston, Elizabeth Jane  1851Kentucky, United States I7975
8 Hueston, Elizabeth Jane  1852Kentucky, United States I7975
9 Hueston, James H.  1841Kentucky, United States I7981
10 Hueston, John J.  1815Kentucky, United States I12523
11 Hueston, John L.  Aug 1867Kentucky, United States I11717
12 Hueston, Mary E.  Aug 1886Kentucky, United States I12691
13 Hueston, Peter R.  1863Kentucky, United States I10713
14 Hueston, Robert E.  Dec 1896Kentucky, United States I3505
15 Hueston, Thomas  1859Kentucky, United States I7974
16 Hueston, Thomas  Mar 1860Kentucky, United States I7974
17 Hueston, William  Apr 1892Kentucky, United States I3415
18 Huston, Moses G.  1855Kentucky, United States I7976
19 Rutledge, America Ann  1820Kentucky, United States I10169
20 Shafer, Elizabeth Jane  1817Kentucky, United States I12526
21 Shafer, Elizabeth Jane  1821Kentucky, United States I12526
22 Shafer, Elizabeth Jane  1823Kentucky, United States I12526
23 Shafer, Elizabeth Jane  1825Kentucky, United States I12526