Maryland, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eliza A.  Abt 1810Maryland, United States I4513
2 Elizabeth  1795Maryland, United States I10664
3 Rebecca  1792Maryland, United States I12599
4 Banks, Thomas W.  Maryland, United States I4757
5 Berry, Mary J  Abt 1828Maryland, United States I11478
6 Berry, William  Maryland, United States I3230
7 Dare, Charles Edgar Jr.  Maryland, United States I19709
8 Dare, Charles Edgar  2 Sep 1870Maryland, United States I18660
9 Dare, Clarence T  17 Dec 1871Maryland, United States I11466
10 Dare, Gertrude S  18 Oct 1873Maryland, United States I17439
11 Dare, Virginia  Maryland, United States I7965
12 Gates, William  1815Maryland, United States I20571
13 Gray, Joseph  Maryland, United States I2263
14 Gross, William  Abt 1799Maryland, United States I14294
15 Harmon, Elijah Jackson Sr.  10 Nov 1775Maryland, United States I12395
16 Jackson, John  1778Maryland, United States I19238
17 Keith, Katherine  May 1813Maryland, United States I5495
18 Lanterman, John  18 Oct 1784Maryland, United States I12963
19 Manning, Edward Cornelius  1808Maryland, United States I3953
20 McCue, John  1816Maryland, United States I19878
21 Myers, George  15 Feb 1777Maryland, United States I7076
22 Parker, Elizabeth  Dec 1815Maryland, United States I7330
23 Prater, Father Of Archibald (1794)  Maryland, United States I17070
24 Rennaker, Michael  31 Mar 1801Maryland, United States I12384
25 Roby, John  1807Maryland, United States I14959
26 Roby, John  1808Maryland, United States I14977
27 Rodgers, Cumberland  Abt 1821Maryland, United States I4904
28 Roe, Nancy  Maryland, United States I6479
29 Shimmel, John  13 Oct 1799Maryland, United States I13002
30 Wharton, Thomas  Maryland, United States I10512
31 Whitely, Sarah  Maryland, United States I3590
32 Wrenchy, James  Abt 1800Maryland, United States I18435


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hunt, William Sr.  1745Maryland, United States I13656
2 Matney, Roy  Aug 1987Maryland, United States I10899
3 Woolman, Mary  1745Maryland, United States I13653


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Shimmel /   Maryland, United States F4205