Utah, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ardelle R  Abt 1885Utah, United States I16486
2 Eliza S  Abt 1852Utah, United States I13810
3 Elvira C  Abt 1882Utah, United States I16446
4 Ethel  Abt 1890Utah, United States I4391
5 Jane Ann  Nov 1877Utah, United States I41
6 Linda C  Abt 1891Utah, United States I1597
7 Luella S  Abt 1902Utah, United States I2136
8 Margaret D  Abt 1889Utah, United States I589
9 Myrtle D  Abt 1896Utah, United States I16683
10 Slenia M  Abt 1855Utah, United States I9155
11 Susan  Dec 1874Utah, United States I6780
12 Alvey, Dorothy  Jun 1886Utah, United States I9968
13 Alvey, Eliza A  Mar 1882Utah, United States I3358
14 Alvey, Ethel  Jun 1896Utah, United States I3291
15 Alvey, James A  Jun 1884Utah, United States I12233
16 Alvey, Lafayette  Nov 1888Utah, United States I2814
17 Alvey, Naomi  Jul 1894Utah, United States I10913
18 Alvey, Sarah  Abt 1878Utah, United States I3587
19 Alvey, Susannah  Abt 1873Utah, United States I17147
20 Alvey, Thomas H  Dec 1879Utah, United States I4073
21 Alvey, Vilate  Oct 1890Utah, United States I11091
22 Alvey, William  Abt 1875Utah, United States I16250
23 Ballentyne, Alando  Jul 1884Utah, United States I3784
24 Ballentyne, Elizabeth  Oct 1879Utah, United States I15082
25 Ballentyne, Geneva  Sep 1888Utah, United States I16772
26 Ballentyne, Glena  Dec 1894Utah, United States I15827
27 Ballentyne, Leona B  Sep 1886Utah, United States I19489
28 Ballentyne, Mary S  Abt 1903Utah, United States I3417
29 Ballentyne, Psienda  Oct 1892Utah, United States I3686
30 Ballentyne, Ruth S  Abt 1906Utah, United States I17156
31 Ballentyne, William Stewart  17 Jan 1900Utah, United States I16560
32 Barker, Alice  Nov 1893Utah, United States I871
33 Barker, Eleanor  Dec 1889Utah, United States I5287
34 Barker, Ethel  Sep 1897Utah, United States I8270
35 Barker, Isabell  Jan 1890Utah, United States I160
36 Barker, James A  Oct 1887Utah, United States I1174
37 Barker, James Isaac  10 Oct 1862Utah, United States I2007
38 Barker, Josiah  Sep 1883Utah, United States I18442
39 Barker, Mary  May 1891Utah, United States I2396
40 Barker, Mary A  Jun 1880Utah, United States I11100
41 Barker, Melba  Jun 1899Utah, United States I1400
42 Barker, Myrza A  Nov 1889Utah, United States I12314
43 Barker, Ralph D  Abt 1906Utah, United States I2321
44 Barker, Victor W  Sep 1899Utah, United States I8346
45 Barker, Willard  Jun 1886Utah, United States I5153
46 Barker, William R  Jan 1895Utah, United States I7462
47 Beus, Albert  Feb 1884Utah, United States I4
48 Beus, Anton E  Abt 1904Utah, United States I1111
49 Beus, Charles Paul  29 Jan 1880Utah, United States I15812
50 Beus, Cleora  Abt 1906Utah, United States I1551

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alvey, William  Utah, United States I15348
2 Barker, Theo Charles  Jun 1968Utah, United States I599
3 Beus, Charles Paul  Feb 1970Utah, United States I15812
4 Beus, Edna M.  Mar 1971Utah, United States I10111
5 Beus, Heber Hill  29 Jan 1976Utah, United States I1608
6 Beus, James R  Jun 1967Utah, United States I16736
7 Butler, William R  Utah, United States I5569
8 Farr, Archibald  Nov 1976Utah, United States I12697
9 Fife, Katherine F  Aug 1979Utah, United States I388
10 Frew, Lorin  Feb 1963Utah, United States I19792
11 Lang, Lola  27 Dec 2011Utah, United States I20724
12 Larsen, Petra Nellie  Utah, United States I7485
13 Munk, Lionel  Nov 1979Utah, United States I4150
14 Munk, Newel  22 Apr 1985Utah, United States I10536
15 Munk, Vernal E  23 Jun 2002Utah, United States I16079
16 Poulter, Isabelle  Utah, United States I13781
17 Roundy, Esther Isabella  30 May 1977Utah, United States I15023
18 Roundy, Myron Elwin  Apr 1987Utah, United States I19202
19 Sharp, Jonathan  Utah, United States I12716
20 Stratton, Adele  Dec 1970Utah, United States I433


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ballentyne / Stewart  Abt 1876Utah, United States F998
2 Barker / Butler  Abt 1889Utah, United States F1743
3 Cardon /   Abt 1908Utah, United States F1982
4 Cardon / Ballentyne  Abt 1904Utah, United States F3730
5 Cardon / Roundy  Abt 1909Utah, United States F4737
6 Fife / Stratton  1897Utah, United States F219
7 Keyes / Beus  1895Utah, United States F491
8 Ricks / Allen  1859Utah, United States F2150
9 Ricks / Eynon  1875Utah, United States F4067
10 Ricks / Merrill  1868Utah, United States F2506
11 Ricks / Taylor  1879Utah, United States F2308
12 Smith / Ricks  1851Utah, United States F2285
13 Smith / Ricks  1853Utah, United States F2284