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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alice  Abt 1796Kentucky, United States I6024
2 Alice  Jun 1869Kentucky, United States I11312
3 Alice S.  1868Kentucky, United States I9363
4 Allie  1887Kentucky, United States I14952
5 Alma Gertrude  1880Kentucky, United States I8350
6 Amanda  1825Kentucky, United States I8537
7 Amanda  1853Kentucky, United States I12140
8 Anna  Dec 1850Kentucky, United States I13077
9 Anna  1892Kentucky, United States I9123
10 Anna B  Apr 1871Kentucky, United States I17077
11 Anna L  20 Mar 1905Kentucky, United States I7267
12 Ara  Aug 1868Kentucky, United States I17790
13 Augusta M  Abt 1886Kentucky, United States I2581
14 Austa A  Abt 1879Kentucky, United States I14331
15 Belle E.  Jul 1876Kentucky, United States I7555
16 Bertie D  Aug 1865Kentucky, United States I11261
17 Bessie  Abt 1895Kentucky, United States I3175
18 Catharine  1819Kentucky, United States I18276
19 Catherine  1787Kentucky, United States I16533
20 Catherine  Abt 1837Kentucky, United States I6768
21 Charlotte F  Abt 1843Kentucky, United States I16383
22 Clara D.  1890Kentucky, United States I6847
23 Clarine  1907Kentucky, United States I6198
24 Cora  Abt 1880Kentucky, United States I2503
25 Dayton H  Abt 1905Kentucky, United States I4691
26 Deborah  1810Kentucky, United States I17766
27 Dorothy E  Abt 1907Kentucky, United States I10366
28 Druzella  Abt 1832Kentucky, United States I15144
29 Edna  Abt 1900Kentucky, United States I7182
30 Effie  May 1880Kentucky, United States I7769
31 Elisabeth  1854Kentucky, United States I6093
32 Eliza  Abt 1839Kentucky, United States I14882
33 Elizabeth  1793Kentucky, United States I17215
34 Elizabeth  1798Kentucky, United States I6234
35 Elizabeth  1802Kentucky, United States I9078
36 Elizabeth  1803Kentucky, United States I18203
37 Elizabeth  Abt 1805Kentucky, United States I18833
38 Elizabeth  Abt 1821Kentucky, United States I10741
39 Elizabeth  1825Kentucky, United States I12654
40 Elizabeth  Sep 1833Kentucky, United States I2241
41 Elizabeth  Abt 1837Kentucky, United States I11711
42 Elizabeth  1878Kentucky, United States I4523
43 Elizabeth  Abt 1885Kentucky, United States I11976
44 Ella  Abt 1855Kentucky, United States I6704
45 Ella M  Abt 1890Kentucky, United States I3625
46 Ella M.  1887Kentucky, United States I4721
47 Ella S  Abt 1868Kentucky, United States I19916
48 Emaline  Abt 1839Kentucky, United States I18302
49 Emma  1883Kentucky, United States I3424
50 Emma  Abt 1898Kentucky, United States I9336

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anna L  5 Jun 1986Kentucky, United States I7267
2 Elsie  Bef 1900Kentucky, United States I10437
3 Arnold, Josephine  Bef 1910Kentucky, United States I2601
4 Arnold, Lewis  1898Kentucky, United States I18832
5 Arnold, Robert  5 Nov 1895Kentucky, United States I13936
6 Beam, Infant Daughter  5 Apr 1900Kentucky, United States I10086
7 Bricken, Maymie  Dec 1976Kentucky, United States I19712
8 Britton, Ruth  Kentucky, United States I5417
9 Buesching, Herbert J  7 Oct 1989Kentucky, United States I15139
10 Caldwell, Bettie Schooling  27 Nov 1865Kentucky, United States I17569
11 Caldwell, Emma Jane  24 Jul 1867Kentucky, United States I17580
12 Caldwell, Georgie D.  21 Aug 1861Kentucky, United States I17536
13 Caldwell, Mary Kate  23 May 1863Kentucky, United States I17558
14 Caldwell, Sarah Manerva  26 Jun 1857Kentucky, United States I17525
15 Calvert, Willie Holman  Dec 1975Kentucky, United States I13800
16 Case, William W  Kentucky, United States I8414
17 Chadwick, Lydia Ann  6 Jan 1874Kentucky, United States I3750
18 Chamberlin, Unknown Child 4  Bef 1910Kentucky, United States I17089
19 Chrisman, Amanda J.  Bef 1891Kentucky, United States I19140
20 Clemens, Mary  Bef 1905Kentucky, United States I16572
21 Cook, Blanche  4 Feb 2003Kentucky, United States I14250
22 Cook, Ola  15 May 1972Kentucky, United States I18924
23 Cordray, Nelson  Mar 1966Kentucky, United States I9748
24 Craddock, Sarah "Sally"  10 Sep 1837Kentucky, United States I3510
25 Craft, James M.  2 Feb 1990Kentucky, United States I3960
26 Dalrymple, Hannah  17 Jun 1906Kentucky, United States I14400
27 Denton, Hiram  13 Jun 1881Kentucky, United States I9415
28 Denton, Lydia B.  1882Kentucky, United States I15217
29 Dillon, Elizabeth  10 Nov 1897Kentucky, United States I10790
30 Dillon, Ruth  20 Sep 1836Kentucky, United States I19109
31 Duley, Anna  Kentucky, United States I9838
32 Duncan, Granville  Kentucky, United States I2869
33 Emmons, Denbeigh Owen  Apr 1969Kentucky, United States I3110
34 Emmons, Dorothy A  18 Jun 2003Kentucky, United States I5736
35 Emmons, James M.  29 Jun 1892Kentucky, United States I13882
36 Emmons, Joseph  Bef 1870Kentucky, United States I20266
37 Emmons, Sheldon  23 Sep 1989Kentucky, United States I12311
38 Emmons, William  Kentucky, United States I12214
39 Ferrell, Argus  Aug 1969Kentucky, United States I20037
40 Ferrell, Humphrey A  25 Dec 1996Kentucky, United States I20039
41 Fields, John Henry  Kentucky, United States I19913
42 Fife, Sena  Kentucky, United States I7253
43 Finch, Bascomb D.  Apr 1988Kentucky, United States I20095
44 Finch, Donald R.  29 Jan 2005Kentucky, United States I19811
45 Gates, Charles Allen  25 Apr 2001Kentucky, United States I11364
46 Grimsby, Martha M  Kentucky, United States I12849
47 Gross, Jas. Thomas  17 Jun 1965Kentucky, United States I15918
48 Hardwick, Samuel H  Between 1810 and 1820Kentucky, United States I8039
49 Harm, Anna  Kentucky, United States I18241
50 Harmon, Ambrose  Bef 1860Kentucky, United States I600

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cook, Jesse T  26 Feb 1913Kentucky, United States I2270
2 Dickey, Charles K.  10 Nov 1953Kentucky, United States I18284
3 Gates, Stanley Roe  2 Sep 1911Kentucky, United States I8918
4 Wells, Christopher Columbus  6 Dec 1917Kentucky, United States I14396
5 Young, George Durbin  6 Oct 1911Kentucky, United States I15540

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Hester Ann  31 Oct 1834Kentucky, United States I16669
2 Barbee, Henry  1859Kentucky, United States I13144
3 Barbee, Lewis  1815Kentucky, United States I10563
4 Barbee, Lewis  1818Kentucky, United States I10563
5 Barbee, Martha  Sep 1844Kentucky, United States I10601
6 Barbee, William  1857Kentucky, United States I11668
7 Burris, Lavina  1814Kentucky, United States I6025
8 Burris, Lavina  1815Kentucky, United States I6025
9 Bush, Mickelberry  1818Kentucky, United States I1902
10 Caldwell, Homer  1920Kentucky, United States I14800
11 Cameron, Catherine H.  1844Kentucky, United States I20700
12 Cameron, Catherine H.  1846Kentucky, United States I20700
13 Davidson, Cora  1885Kentucky, United States I2618
14 Davidson, Frances  1888Kentucky, United States I2619
15 Davidson, Irene  1893Kentucky, United States I2620
16 Donaldson, Clell  1914Kentucky, United States I19791
17 Donaldson, Daniel  1930Kentucky, United States I14291
18 Donaldson, Edna  1927Kentucky, United States I10389
19 Donaldson, Fletcher  1805Kentucky, United States I20725
20 Donaldson, Fletcher H. Jr.  1857Kentucky, United States I14359
21 Donaldson, Iona  1919Kentucky, United States I7350
22 Donaldson, Lillian  1911Kentucky, United States I20734
23 Donaldson, Lizzie  1884Kentucky, United States I20723
24 Donaldson, Samuel  19 May 1873Kentucky, United States I17631
25 Donaldson, Samuel  May 1882Kentucky, United States I17631
26 Donaldson, Toliver  1922Kentucky, United States I16456
27 Fodders, Elizabeth Ellen  1887Kentucky, United States I15344
28 Hendrix, Elizabeth  1815Kentucky, United States I11775
29 Hendrix, Elizabeth  1818Kentucky, United States I11775
30 Hull, Mary R.  1840Kentucky, United States I20736
31 Hull, Moses Warren  1850Kentucky, United States I20739
32 Hull, Nancy J.  1850Kentucky, United States I20738
33 Hull, Nancy J.  1856Kentucky, United States I20738
34 Hull, Sarah F.  1849Kentucky, United States I15380
35 Hull, Susan E.  1842Kentucky, United States I3710
36 McCormick, Rebecca  12 Sep 1832Kentucky, United States I3765
37 Mullens, Nancy  1843Kentucky, United States I20624
38 Mullens, Nancy  1847Kentucky, United States I20624
39 Mullins, Dolly  1884Kentucky, United States I391
40 Mullins, Dolly  1885Kentucky, United States I391
41 Newland, Elizabeth D.  1827Kentucky, United States I2629
42 Saunders, Matilda C.  1835Kentucky, United States I11150
43 Snelling, Lydia  Jan 1859Kentucky, United States I14180
44 Snelling, Thorton N.  1845Kentucky, United States I20709
45 Tackett, George  1868Kentucky, United States I20628
46 Tackett, George Waban  1846Kentucky, United States I20627
47 Tackett, Rachel E.  1871Kentucky, United States I20629
48 Vice, Anna  1866Kentucky, United States I20702
49 Vice, Elizabeth  1818Kentucky, United States I7275
50 Vice, Francis  1854Kentucky, United States I19828

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Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Hueston, James H.  Kentucky, United States I7981
2 Saunders, Austin R  Kentucky, United States I6217


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Alexander / McCue  1874Kentucky, United States F3291
2 Anderson / Ingles  1834Kentucky, United States F2138
3 Baird / Watkins  Abt 1876Kentucky, United States F1725
4 Calvert / Hedrick  Abt 1885Kentucky, United States F4122
5 Cameron / Moran  Abt 1897Kentucky, United States F5486
6 Case / Galspye  24 Jun 1787Kentucky, United States F4363
7 Clay / Stephens  Abt 1904Kentucky, United States F3205
8 Cochran / Morrison  Abt 1880Kentucky, United States F4546
9 Cornwall / Saunders  Kentucky, United States F3573
10 Crain / Coliver  1889Kentucky, United States F2831
11 Daily / Miller  Between 1910 and 1920Kentucky, United States F541
12 Daugherty / Vice  Abt 1872Kentucky, United States F5003
13 Davis / Williams  1863Kentucky, United States F2202
14 Day / Markwell  Abt 1899Kentucky, United States F3868
15 Day / Speed  Kentucky, United States F3396
16 Dillon /   1859Kentucky, United States F5461
17 Eaton / Saunders  Abt 1788Kentucky, United States F3010
18 Emmons / Harmon  Abt 1899Kentucky, United States F2444
19 Emmons / Harmon  1900Kentucky, United States F5347
20 Emmons / Lyons  Abt 1896Kentucky, United States F3119
21 Emmons / Prather  Abt 1890Kentucky, United States F1611
22 Emmons / Rankin  Abt 1893Kentucky, United States F3982
23 Emmons / Rawlings  Abt 1878Kentucky, United States F3404
24 Galliher / Dillon  3 Jan 1889Kentucky, United States F4075
25 Gates /   1899Kentucky, United States F5678
26 Gates / Davidson  Abt 1907Kentucky, United States F74
27 Grose / Arnold  1871Kentucky, United States F1257
28 Harmon / Arnold  1880Kentucky, United States F1914
29 Harmon / Dillion  1879Kentucky, United States F5012
30 Harmon / Lytle  26 Oct 1824Kentucky, United States F1868
31 Harmon / Porter  Abt 1923Kentucky, United States F3295
32 Harmon / Redmon  Abt 1929Kentucky, United States F1642
33 Hawkins / Kerns  Abt 1894Kentucky, United States F2101
34 Herrington /   Abt 1830Kentucky, United States F2114
35 Hopkins / Preston  Abt 1869Kentucky, United States F4597
36 Ishmael / Keel  8 Aug 1844Kentucky, United States F4163
37 Jackson / Gross  1908Kentucky, United States F2161
38 Likes / Story  Abt 1900Kentucky, United States F4312
39 Lyons / Porter  1906Kentucky, United States F5483
40 Lytle / Davis  1896Kentucky, United States F2634
41 Manley / Yazell  1909Kentucky, United States F5351
42 Markwell / B  1909Kentucky, United States F4826
43 Markwell / Myrtle  1895Kentucky, United States F1591
44 Markwell / Walton  1856Kentucky, United States F5784
45 McCann / Cameron  Abt 1924Kentucky, United States F4449
46 McKee / Dillon  1875Kentucky, United States F2623
47 McKee / Ferguson  1890Kentucky, United States F5188
48 McKee / Story  1872Kentucky, United States F2406
49 McKee / Story  Abt 1895Kentucky, United States F5864
50 McRoberts / Dearing  Abt 1876Kentucky, United States F2123

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