Ohio, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cintha  1823Ohio, United States I20572
2 Margaret  1908Ohio, United States I973
3 Mary Ann  Ohio, United States I664
4 Pheba  Ohio, United States I1709
5 Adams, Emma E.  23 Apr 1861Ohio, United States I3433
6 Allen, Eliza  1826Ohio, United States I15110
7 Amiss, William A.  22 Dec 1842Ohio, United States I5814
8 Anderson, Allen  Ohio, United States I882
9 Apple, George  Ohio, United States I1742
10 Beard, George  Ohio, United States I663
11 Beard, Rachael P.  17 Apr 1849Ohio, United States I595
12 Books, Jacob E.  Ohio, United States I672
13 Brooke, Andrew W.  17 Apr 1842Ohio, United States I478
14 Brown, William Harvey  23 Dec 1850Ohio, United States I15817
15 Burke, Francis  1811Ohio, United States I511
16 Burns, Margaret  27 Sep 1855Ohio, United States I17381
17 Butler, Mahlon  1824Ohio, United States I717
18 Campbell, Robert  Ohio, United States I346
19 Chandler, Bennett H.  9 Sep 1845Ohio, United States I988
20 Chandler, John  Ohio, United States I1319
21 Chandler, Samantha O.  27 Jul 1857Ohio, United States I1318
22 Clayton, Mary  1827Ohio, United States I12725
23 Cochran, John  1824Ohio, United States I16131
24 Cox, Antis Jane  18 Dec 1854Ohio, United States I15816
25 Cox, Jonathan  Ohio, United States I1451
26 Dean, William G.  Ohio, United States I1582
27 Detertick, Samuel Huston  Ohio, United States I376
28 Dilts, James R.  21 Mar 1842Ohio, United States I12222
29 Dilts, Richard  Ohio, United States I812
30 Dinius, Henry C.  25 Nov 1843Ohio, United States I200
31 Dugan, Sarah Jane  4 Jul 1837Ohio, United States I1853
32 Eck, Margaret M.  12 May 1848Ohio, United States I905
33 English, George W.  6 Jun 1833Ohio, United States I15300
34 English, John  1838Ohio, United States I1680
35 English, Joseph  1842Ohio, United States I1682
36 English, Mary  1844Ohio, United States I1684
37 English, Rosa B.  2 Jul 1835Ohio, United States I1679
38 Eubank, Esther Mary  23 Oct 1846Ohio, United States I2449
39 Fenn, Jesse Paten  2 Jan 1832Ohio, United States I6457
40 Fickle, Isaac  Ohio, United States I2070
41 Foor, Amanda P.  30 Aug 1834Ohio, United States I18885
42 Foor, Elizabeth A.  1836Ohio, United States I20654
43 Foor, Jacob H.  1804Ohio, United States I20651
44 Froebe, Ida E.  2 Apr 1884Ohio, United States I19704
45 Froebe, Irene C.  1 Jan 1893Ohio, United States I19514
46 Gardner, Sharlotte  Ohio, United States I1583
47 Gates, Anson  1849Ohio, United States I20576
48 Gates, Exira  1843Ohio, United States I20573
49 Gates, George W.  1847Ohio, United States I20575
50 Gates, James A.  1845Ohio, United States I20574

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Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Craighead, Malinda  Ohio, United States I20652
2 Foor, Amanda P.  1843Ohio, United States I18885
3 Hupp, Henry M.  1846Ohio, United States I12540
4 Hupp, Jennett  1859Ohio, United States I20300
5 Hupp, Lucetta  1824Ohio, United States I12334
6 Hupp, Marrietta  1859Ohio, United States I20662
7 Hupp, Michael  1787Ohio, United States I11588
8 Hupp, Samuel  1820Ohio, United States I19332
9 Kelsay, Daniel  1821Ohio, United States I6568
10 Kelsay, Harvey  1845Ohio, United States I12298
11 Kelsay, Lucetta Margaret  1856Ohio, United States I14537
12 Kelsay, Newton J.  1841Ohio, United States I19117
13 Lewis, Martha E.  1843Ohio, United States I20661
14 Stevens, Catharine  21 Jan 1836Ohio, United States I9592
15 Thomas, Robert C.  1856Ohio, United States I4260
16 Watson, Sarah Ellen  1825Ohio, United States I4803
17 Witt, Norma Jeanne  1927Ohio, United States I20643