Pennsylvania, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Carline R.  1830Pennsylvania, United States I21588
2 Edna A.  1905Pennsylvania, United States I9241
3 Elizabeth  1812Pennsylvania, United States I9073
4 Eva  Abt 1887Pennsylvania, United States I5129
5 Hannah  1795Pennsylvania, United States I7569
6 Jane  1797Pennsylvania, United States I16946
7 Margaret  Abt 1804Pennsylvania, United States I8608
8 Martha  Abt 1811Pennsylvania, United States I11414
9 Nancy  Abt 1839Pennsylvania, United States I5295
10 Susan  1809Pennsylvania, United States I2327
11 Susanna  Abt 1827Pennsylvania, United States I18316
12 Adams, Sarah A.  6 Dec 1842Pennsylvania, United States I20695
13 Apple, George  1805Pennsylvania, United States I1742
14 Bartel, James S.  12 Feb 1874Pennsylvania, United States I15770
15 Baxter, Anne  1740Pennsylvania, United States I7766
16 Bosworth, Kenneth  1906Pennsylvania, United States I20431
17 Bosworth, Norma  1904Pennsylvania, United States I20429
18 Bowers, Andrew George W  1842Pennsylvania, United States I18764
19 Bowser, Theopelus  17 Jul 1836Pennsylvania, United States I21192
20 Braddock, Eliza  Sep 1869Pennsylvania, United States I12591
21 Case, Jacob  1742Pennsylvania, United States I10410
22 Case, Sarah Ann  Abt 1807Pennsylvania, United States I8728
23 Chadwick, Israel  1775Pennsylvania, United States I13679
24 Chandler, Eligha  1792Pennsylvania, United States I8032
25 Crouse, J. W.  1818Pennsylvania, United States I22479
26 Dare, Ann Black  13 Nov 1857Pennsylvania, United States I18370
27 Dare, Anna M  7 Mar 1812Pennsylvania, United States I15403
28 Dare, Anson Elkanah  1 Jun 1889Pennsylvania, United States I14565
29 Dare, Anson Phillips  12 Jan 1860Pennsylvania, United States I6171
30 Dare, Bessie Black  25 Sep 1887Pennsylvania, United States I15353
31 Dare, Charles Kelsay  28 Nov 1861Pennsylvania, United States I6251
32 Dare, Edward Philips  15 Oct 1883Pennsylvania, United States I8241
33 Dare, Edward Phillips  12 Apr 1818Pennsylvania, United States I3464
34 Dare, Elkanah Osborn  3 May 1827Pennsylvania, United States I13108
35 Dare, Francis M  23 Apr 1823Pennsylvania, United States I15236
36 Dare, George  25 May 1856Pennsylvania, United States I4416
37 Dare, George Erb  20 Nov 1891Pennsylvania, United States I3554
38 Dare, George Lincoln  13 Aug 1856Pennsylvania, United States I6056
39 Dare, George Strawbridge Doctor  23 Aug 1843Pennsylvania, United States I8439
40 Dare, Joseph Fredrick  5 Dec 1906Pennsylvania, United States I16241
41 Dare, Kelsay Elkanah  13 Jan 1859Pennsylvania, United States I2809
42 Dare, Kelsay M  5 Aug 1889Pennsylvania, United States I11395
43 Dare, Lawrence Elkanah  12 Apr 1858Pennsylvania, United States I914
44 Dare, Lester Elkanah  20 Oct 1892Pennsylvania, United States I3463
45 Dare, Mary C  30 Nov 1820Pennsylvania, United States I14766
46 Dare, Mary E  20 Jul 1854Pennsylvania, United States I4241
47 Dare, Mary Lucretia  10 Feb 1864Pennsylvania, United States I10800
48 Dare, Mildred Elizabeth  23 Jan 1882Pennsylvania, United States I10315
49 Dare, Ross Finninger  29 Jan 1886Pennsylvania, United States I9564
50 Dare, Ruth Elizabeth  8 Feb 1895Pennsylvania, United States I12557

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dare, Anson Elkanah  13 Aug 1889Pennsylvania, United States I14565
2 Knight, Jonathan  1785Pennsylvania, United States I8114
3 Plumley, Sarah  Abt 1751Pennsylvania, United States I6408
4 Watson, Laura  1 Feb 1999Pennsylvania, United States I6544


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Susan  1813Pennsylvania, United States I2327
2 Allen, Eliza M.  1825Pennsylvania, United States I15110
3 Allen, Eliza M.  1826Pennsylvania, United States I15110
4 Chandler, Eligha  1801Pennsylvania, United States I8032
5 Gipe, Daniel  1809Pennsylvania, United States I4063
6 Horner, Mary  1801Pennsylvania, United States I9590
7 Lemay, Elijah  1830Pennsylvania, United States I20791
8 McKelleb, Norman A.  1867Pennsylvania, United States I8144
9 Snyder, Grace Emory  1898Pennsylvania, United States I10059


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Carline R.  1831Pennsylvania, United States I21588


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Nealis / McCain  Abt 1785Pennsylvania, United States F1531
2 Roush / McCannon  Pennsylvania, United States F4074
3 Vickers /   Abt 1689Pennsylvania, United States F2198