Virginia, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cosby  Abt 1824Virginia, United States I17930
2 Elizabeth  1780Virginia, United States I21995
3 Francis  Abt 1782Virginia, United States I18513
4 Jane  1798Virginia, United States I21358
5 Louisa  1796Virginia, United States I12601
6 Lydia  Abt 1822Virginia, United States I15500
7 Mary  1792Virginia, United States I13685
8 Mary  1810Virginia, United States I18325
9 Mary J.  Abt 1821Virginia, United States I13288
10 Mildred  1783Virginia, United States I6216
11 Nancy  Abt 1778Virginia, United States I79
12 Rebecca  1794Virginia, United States I22404
13 Sarah  1799Virginia, United States I546
14 Sarah  Abt 1800Virginia, United States I9182
15 Sarah  1835Virginia, United States I7249
16 Anderson, James  1780Virginia, United States I3148
17 Arnold, Thompson  Abt 1783Virginia, United States I1645
18 Baker, Charles Utley  9 Jul 1872Virginia, United States I14501
19 Baker, Earl R  Abt 1881Virginia, United States I11224
20 Baker, Elizabeth  1804Virginia, United States I12939
21 Barbee, John  Abt 1820Virginia, United States I12848
22 Barbee, Nancy  15 Oct 1844Virginia, United States I1621
23 Baylor, David S.  1837Virginia, United States I22110
24 Baylor, Eliza A  1836Virginia, United States I22113
25 Baylor, Ephraim S.  1831Virginia, United States I649
26 Baylor, Evaline  1840Virginia, United States I22114
27 Baylor, George  1797Virginia, United States I1377
28 Baylor, George W.  1828Virginia, United States I22109
29 Baylor, Jacob Henry  1846Virginia, United States I22111
30 Baylor, Mahala C  1832Virginia, United States I22112
31 Belson, Elizabeth  12 Dec 1675Virginia, United States I7627
32 Booth, Eleanor  1788Virginia, United States I7715
33 Boyd, Abigail  1803Virginia, United States I4738
34 Broche, Mary Elizabeth  Nov 1852Virginia, United States I4419
35 Bruner, Elizabeth  1811Virginia, United States I22281
36 Bunch, Clark  Abt 1774Virginia, United States I12474
37 Bunch, Henry  Abt 1775Virginia, United States I12488
38 Campbell, Adaline  1854Virginia, United States I18314
39 Campbell, Augustus M.  1840Virginia, United States I18303
40 Campbell, Charles H.  29 Jul 1848Virginia, United States I15867
41 Campbell, Henry  1806Virginia, United States I18290
42 Carnegie, Nancy  Abt 1838Virginia, United States I19997
43 Chadwick, Albert  Abt 1834Virginia, United States I4030
44 Chadwick, Hannah B  Abt 1831Virginia, United States I16644
45 Chadwick, Jacob  Abt 1840Virginia, United States I7748
46 Chadwick, John Milton  Abt 1832Virginia, United States I18278
47 Chadwick, John T  Abt 1842Virginia, United States I6440
48 Chadwick, Maria  Abt 1838Virginia, United States I9121
49 Chadwick, Sarah  Abt 1836Virginia, United States I9579
50 Clanch, Violet  21 Dec 1769Virginia, United States I18293

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Rebecca  16 Mar 1770Virginia, United States I12544
2 Baylor, George  8 Apr 1872Virginia, United States I1377
3 Belson, Elizabeth  Virginia, United States I7627
4 Lee, Lucy Herd  20 May 1852Virginia, United States I19441
5 Mauzy, George  10 Jan 1754Virginia, United States I10809
6 Mauzy, John Gentleman  Virginia, United States I13545
7 Oxley, Patience  31 Jan 1852Virginia, United States I19498
8 Saunders, Gunnell  4 May 1851Virginia, United States I11647
9 Saunders, Presley  8 Nov 1857Virginia, United States I8037
10 Saunders, Rachel Ann  22 Jun 1908Virginia, United States I8124
11 Smoot, Chloe  10 Sep 1977Virginia, United States I11793


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baylor, David S.  1839Virginia, United States I22110
2 Baylor, Evaline  1842Virginia, United States I22114
3 Baylor, George  1800Virginia, United States I1377
4 Baylor, Jacob Henry  1848Virginia, United States I22111
5 Fankhouser, Lydia  1806Virginia, United States I1379
6 Gadberry, James A.  1791Virginia, United States I22273
7 Lawson, Elizabeth  1805Virginia, United States I21389
8 Lemay, Elijah  1830Virginia, United States I20791
9 Little, John M. C.  1824Virginia, United States I21904
10 Pence, Elizabeth  1809Virginia, United States I3609
11 Stair, Joseph  1807Virginia, United States I5394
12 Stair, Joseph  1809Virginia, United States I5394


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baldwin / Smith  1745Virginia, United States F5256
2 Holloway / Bethel  Virginia, United States F2740
3 Holloway / Stanley  19 Sep 1790Virginia, United States F5056
4 Holloway / Stanley  14 Dec 1797Virginia, United States F4219
5 Holloway / Stanton  20 Oct 1785Virginia, United States F4230
6 Macy / Holloway  5 Nov 1794Virginia, United States F4224
7 Myers / Cosler  8 Oct 1804Virginia, United States F3161
8 Saunders /   Abt 1798Virginia, United States F3075
9 Saunders / Saunders  17 Dec 1827Virginia, United States F3590
10 Wollard /   Abt 1760Virginia, United States F858